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AQUARIUS ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality |AQUARIUS Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai



According to the astrology, Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac born between 21st January to 19th February. Those born under this zodiac sign represent the social conscience that is needed to take us into the new millennium.

People of this zodiac sign are more humanitarian, and philanthropic, who always work to make the world a better place to live in. They are a socialist who always look for a better place where needy people can survive well.

Aquarians have a great vision just like hawk-eyes and lively souls who always look for progress and love to use their full energy time in making things better. They are very social, and this attitude of theirs helps them to have many friends and acquaintances. And they can easily attract others with their words and can use their efforts to make their work more effective.

The zodiac sign which is ruled by the planet Saturn has tremendous potential that they can use in their study or in any kind of administrative work to enhance their intellect to help and support the people. They have patience and perseverance which helps them to work on their objectives well. They like to test, judge, and set boundaries. They show their focus on the humanitarian level who always try to give power to the people which can help them to change the world with initial progress. They are rebel at heart but they are like free spirits with full eccentricity who detest those authorities that lead to conventionality.

Aquarius signs are also ruled by the planet Uranus. It has its energy that allows them to be more innovative and to explore in the field of technology and many different events.

What are the personality traits of the Aquarius sign?

People who are born under this sign carry a progressive outlook with an independent attitude and are meant to be philanthropic and humanitarian who always wanted to work for the social affairs by showing their originality. Their main strength lies in their intelligence level who can use their new perspective in their work. But along with this, they have some weaknesses also which affect their life as well like they are little temperamental, can't make compromises, and they are weak in expressing their emotions.

People of this sign likes doing fun with friends, love helping others, and they are always ready to fight for real causes and always look for intellectual conversation and they are a very good listener as well. These people don't like to limit themselves to one place and situation because they love to explore and they easily get bored with things where they can't utilize their full potential. And they don't like those who disagree with Aquarian's points.

Aquarians are more energetic and eccentric with high intellectual levels and knowledge but they are very shy and quiet. And they love helping others a lot. And they have a positive vision through which they can see the full possibilities in their surroundings. The ruling planet i.e., Uranus and Saturn gives them a hawk-eyed vision but also has an abrupt aggressive nature with little shyness inside them. These people don't leave any opportunity where they can motivate themselves by discovering new things inside out.

They are good at work in a group because they are good at attracting people and involving them in their work using their full efforts for their benefit. And they are very social also who always look for an opportunity to help others. They don't trust others easily. They are considered to be a little cold and insensitive and because of this, they fail to express their emotions healthily. Aquarians are famous for their cleverness who have a desire for equality for all.

Which profession suits Aquarius signs the best?

Aquarius' are meant to be intrigued with a hawk-eye. This inquisitive and observing nature of Aquarians makes them suitable for all those works where they can explore, experiment, and can do innovation according to their creative ideas and theories.

They love accepting new challenges because they find a new type of enjoyment in doing those works. According to them, these challenges enhance their intellect level and can utilize their full potential. In easy jobs, they easily get bored because their mind always looks for those works where they can show their power and potential of mind by exploring themselves while working. People of these signs can't adjust themselves in the field of sale or any service type roles. Because in these professions they can never project their actual persona ever. They always wanted to take a profession where they can see themselves progressing. They are not able to work in a firm having haphazard and outdated rules because this will start giving them a feeling of working in a prison. As Aquarius sign belongs to the air sign they need newness, space, motion, and activity where they can find new challenges continuously so that they can discover something new. They can't continue working in the same location for long until they find something new to discover.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn whose energy helps the people to move towards their desired career in a very uninformed way. They may choose to work as an excellent social worker, taking an administrative role also where they can serve everyone with the help of a social system. They tend to have a great love for knowledge, society, and are a good communicator. People born under this sign can try themselves in teaching line and will come out as a good educator. More likely they find themselves drawn towards the study of political science, gender studies, and a little bit in history also, which helps them to increase their interest in the evolution of humanity. And their keen interest in these fields could make them suited for research in these fields where they can see themselves progressing and engaging. Aquarians always look for a fulfilling and fascinating job, where they can gain a unique power to work with full enthusiasm in a long term project by seeing it's worth in their way.

As they love exploring and discovering new ideas they can go in the field of science pursuing physics because here they can explore new theories and will get to know more about the nature of the universe with their endless happiness. They can choose to become scientists, astronauts, electrical, mechanical, software engineer, and many more. These professions will suit their mind the best as in these fields they can explore their ultimate character. They will get to explore space by working in a space sector using their required skills. They can try the field of psychology also because their observing and inquisitive nature will suit them the best. In this profession, they can learn about the mental and emotional construction of different people and can explore their sound design with which they can help the needy one.

With whom Aquarius sign shows their best compatibility?

It is said that they can dhow their best compatibility with fire signs and air signs. And they will have to work harder on their relationship if someone is in a relationship with any earth sign and water signs.

Fire signs

Aquarius will typically show their great bond with fire signs, as they are easily able to understand each other's random nature. Aries and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that belong to the fire element. Both signs show their independent individuality who easily matches Aquarius' cool, remote and spontaneous nature. Sagittarius signs who are famous for their determination towards their work would enjoy being with Aquarius who love accepting challenges. And together they can maintain each other's tendencies and will come up with a new shine. Leo is just the opposite of Aquarius but together they can attract each other. Aquarius can help Leo in making them more thoughtful, can provide a vision to their objectives by bringing little discernment in their attitude. They can act as a magnet or they can show their polarity it's up to them.

Air signs

Air signs are very well fit for Aquarius, as they belong to the same element they carry the same expressions. Aquarius and Gemini can present themselves in a very interesting manner because one is talkative who loves conversing endlessly. Together they can enjoy harmoniously sharing their expressions and ideas. And by sharing their thoughts they can come up as the most intellectual couple of all.

Aquarius and Libra can prove themselves as the best couple because both will love sharing ideas on social justice and both have are very observant who can sense their progressive thought. They will just have to keep showing their affection and love to make their relationship even more romantic.

And if two Aquarius get together then it will be the best match, because together they can work on social welfare using their own creative and innovative ideas. Together they can enjoy exploring and enhancing their skill in different fields.

Water Signs

Water signs will have to show more effort in their relationship and then only they can bring the weakest and emotional side together to help the Aquarius who is considered to be very weak at expressing their abstract emotions well. Cancer and Pisces can nurture Aquarius in a good way by connecting with them emotionally and by bringing philosophical and spiritual awareness in their lives. They have a contrary nature but together they can work on each other's points. Scorpio who is ruled by the planet Mars can make their relationship more charismatic by giving a magnetic effect in their sexual life. But as  Aquarians are little jealous and Scorpions are little judgmental and this can lead to having conflict in their thoughts and due to this they can face problems in their relationship.

Earth signs

The power of earth signs can help the zodiac signs to potentially stabilize and ground firmly Aquarius' distractive and useless energies. It will be hard for them to work with the water bearer to work on it. So they will have to show their full effort into it.

Capricorn sign and Aquarius sign both are ruled by the planet Saturn so they can share some common qualities. Capricorn signs are meant to be very practical who honor tradition while Aquarius signs are very unconventional and this leads them to disagree on some point and causes conflict.

Taurus signs are known to be dependable and Aquarius signs are famous as independent so together they can show little stubbornness because if one is symbolized as a water bearer, the second is symbolized as the bull.

And if we talk about Aquarius and Virgo signs then we can say that they can show their analytic nature in a good manner. One's activity can annoy other signs. Because one is practical and another does question a lot. And they will have to work hard to make their relationship last.

Aquarians are known for their open-mindedness, inquisitive, and observing nature who gives value to humanitarians.  They enjoy challenges but are little insensitive which can create problems for them sometimes. Garnet, Amber, Amethyst, Sugilite are the famous birthstones for Aquarius signs.

Red garnet

Garnet – This stone helps in emotional healing, increasing their self-worth, strength, and provide security to the wearer. Garnet helps them to stabilize and ground themselves and their dreams and desire on the same ground in a very calm manner. It provides peace to the emotions by aligning their strength with the physical self and emotional self. Garnet's energy helps them to enjoy all the worldly pleasures and live a prosperous life.

amber gem

Amber – Amber stone is known as the stone of purifier. Its energy affects them on the emotional and physical levels by transforming all the negative energies into usable work. It helps us to enhance the physical body by giving excellent support in healing. Amber helps the wearer to have that strength by fighting all types of depressions.


Amethyst – This stone helps in providing protection, purification, Divine connection, and also helps in releasing all those bad addictions. Amethyst represents meditation. This stone opens and clears the third-eye and crown chakras, by accelerating all the intuition and psychic abilities. It helps to take responsibility by finding and working on the root causes of all those behaviors and emotional patterns.

sugilite gemstone

Sugilite – Sugilite stone is known as the stone of dreams that encourages the Aquarians to have faith in the possibilities of life. Sugilite helps to provide new hope and options in one's life so that they can achieve their desired goals with strength and courage by burning all the negativity with its high vibrating energy. It is also useful in many health-related issues like fighting nightmares, insomnia, and other sleeping issues.


All these stones help the wearer to deal with different health issues by removing all the negative thoughts and hopelessness. It helps in relieving headaches, body pains, and other sleeping disorders. One who has a problem with blood circulation can go fir this stone as it helps in aiding this issue. As Aquarians are insensitive and inexpressive this stone calms the mind and provides a  clearer vision of the obstacles or problems and path ahead in the life of the Aquarians. And one can wear it on any dress and it will give an authentic look to the wearer.


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