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Aries Zodiac Sign || Aries Characteristics And Personality , Aries Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai

Aries Zodiac Sign 

Aries Zodiac


The zodiac also is known as Rashi Chakra is an extended area of the sky approximately to 8° north Or south as measured in celestial latitude. It is a system of synchronization of 12 signs which is based on 12 constellations which are used in astrology as well as astronomy. In Western Astrology, each 12 sign occupies 30° of celestial longitude which corresponds to the constellations which are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Zodiac signs help us in deciphering the purpose of life by giving us the sense to understand the difficult questions to play our roles in this universe.

Every 12 signs is a representation of fundamental principles of life and it is inside our psyche and each one relies on the other in such a way that we have to work following these basic principles of life. In this, the position of planets and the sun and the moon are projected and analyzed on the ecliptic at the time of birth. It helps us get a glimpse of the person’s characters, with their flaws and fears.

Many people believe in their zodiac signs and their meanings and follow it rigorously as it gives a sense of satisfaction as it offers an assurance to them showing a way to sort out the issues prevailing in one’s life.

We can connect these zodiac signs to different aspects of our lives in a very insightful manner. We know that there are 12 signs each having its meaning visualizing the different traits of life of people. Each sign has been classified according to their nature, influences, and characteristics. Each sign has been classified based on four historical and traditional elements: fire, earth, air, and water, which helps in predicting the purpose of lives. All four elements have been assigned three signs.

Fire signs( it is seen as an inspiring and physically active group) – It includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Earth signs( People belonging to this group are very practical and productive) – It includes Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Air signs(People of this group are mentally and socially-oriented)  - It includes Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Water signs(People of this group are very emotional and family-oriented.

These zodiac signs are also divided between the Northern signs and Southern signs. 12 signs have been equally divided among these two. Northern signs include the first six signs- Aries(Mesha), Taurus(Rishabh), Gemini(Mithuna), Cancer(Karka), Leo(Simha) and Virgo(Kanya), because they are to the North celestial equator.

And Southern signs include the other six signs- Libra(Tula), Scorpio(Vrischika), Sagittarius(Dhanus), Capricorn(Makara), Aquarius(Kumbha) and Pisces(Meena), because they are to the south of the celestial equator.

Here we are going to discuss the very first sign i.e., Aries which is also known as Mesha. It belongs to the group of fire signs which means people belonging to this sign are very inspirational and are physically active.

Aries (Mesha): Its lord of the owner is Mars and it’s the beneficial planet is Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Diamond is the Birthstone of Aries. And other alternate Birthstones of Aries are Bloodstone, Topaz Sapphire, Jasper, and Aquamarine. The red color is considered as a lucky color for Aries. And it’s the malefic planet is Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. Each sign has it’s good and bad planets related to their ascendant. Each sign has its symbol and Aries is symbolized as ♈. This sign is being represented by the symbol of the Ram, which reflects the tendency of taking the challenges ahead in life. As it belongs to the fire sign it symbolizes the natural first house in astrology representing the vital and confident spirit and activity. This sign is meant to be active, strong, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, and adventurous. The negative impact that they face is that they are restless, straightforward, careless, rash, and reactive.

It includes the people born between March 21- April 19. They can push their limit as they are expected to be very curious, and they look for challenging adventures full of excitement and keen energy. People of this sign group are meant to have a strong sense of justice. They have leadership qualities which makes them look for a position of leadership. They love to face competition in every form as they are full of energy with the thirst for life. They are little hot-headed as they often get involved in heated arguments. And they love to win that argument whether they are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. The fire they carry inside themselves acts as a fuel which makes them and their actions more audible which makes them a good defender for themselves and others also. From this, you can say that they love to be a winner and this attitude helps them in growing well and succeeding in all areas of life. They are hardworking and know how to work smartly. As they are a challenge lover it means they hardly get bored. Their optimistic attitude makes them more attractive and magnetic who brings enjoyment in every work they do.

They never do things halfheartedly, they show their full dedication towards their works with a full zest for their lives. They can stand fiercely in any argument and difficult situations for the one who matters to them. They are argumentative but fearless to stand for justice. As they are straightforward it becomes very arrogant which leads them into several heated arguments, and they seem to be completely ignorant about how their actions are affecting others because they only focus on their goals. They expect other people to be active and energetic with full compassion towards their works as they are. They can’t be patient with the person who is lazy and lacks energy in completing their work. And as they like competition sometimes they become a little selfish and dominating.


If wearing a diamond is good for Aries?



With a confident and energetic personality, there are some negative aspects also like they are very aggressive, impatient, stubborn, impetuous. As they belong to the fiery sign they reflect some spark. To deal with those negative traits, native people wear some gemstones with an expectation of getting some benefits from it by improving some weaknesses. The birthstone for Aries is the Diamond. The Zodiac sign of Aries also responds to Bloodstone, Topaz Sapphire, Jasper, and Aquamarine. It is said that Diamond conducts the energies of the planet Mars and the one who wears jewelry with this gemstone can focus the energies of the planets and signs with the help of the gem. It builds strong relationships and also increases inner strength. It helps in balancing life as it gives clarity with abundance. Diamond also helps in healing. This property of diamond is marked as a reputed one as it is very effective in problems related to health like brain diseases, pituitary glands, etc. It also helps in detoxing the body. So it can be said that it is a remedy for poison.


Is there any stone suitable for Aries sign?

stone suitable for Aries sign

As Aries people have the leadership qualities who like to give command Ruby stone helps them in acquiring more of this quality with enhanced skills in a positive direction. Garnet is considered a traditional stone that offers strength, power, courage, and success encouraging respect from others. It also helps in finding love and harmony.  It helps them in pursuing the new beginning as it helps in providing all the energies that one man needs. Amethyst stone is also known as fidelity stone makes people more focused on their works and also helps in developing the female instinct only if the stone is in lilac color in the form of a ring. It helps in finding the spiritual light which helps them in channeling their desires by achieving a linear balance in their lives healthily.  Red Jasper is a stone that helps Aries people to become more thoughtful about their actions. Emerald is a gemstone that helps in providing a hope that certain Aries lacks sometimes. It brings more positivity among them by uplifting them with the energy to look forward.

Which other signs would be a good match to Aries signs?

Leo and Sagittarius are the natural friends of Aries who are highly optimist and full of enthusiasm belonging to the group of same elements i.e., fire sign. They are a good match for Aries. Together they can bring warmth and energy in their relations. To keep things interesting in their relationship, they do a lot of activities together. Apart from other signs two Aries signs make a good match, they become more energetic, stirring, and adventurous together as they belong to the same sign.

Is there any spirit animal for Aries?

spirit animal for Aries

We know that Aries is considered a born leader as they possess the highest leadership quality and have an impulsive nature but see themselves as an independent being full of egoism. All these traits of Aries sign in some ways matches the nature of Cheetah, a ferocious and fastest animal. And it’s traits like high speed is a good match for Aries.



Zodiac signs are important to those who feel it’s important in their lives. They depend on this to predict their future. Each zodiac signs have a unique nature. It shows how stars can also influence the lives of people on earth. We get to know how different gemstones are having their significance in each zodiac sign according to the birthstone of these people. And Aries sign is the first sign which is full of enthusiasm, energy, leadership quality, and little impatient, stubbornness. We can say that there are stones that can help Aries and other signs in eliminating the negativity from life filling with new hope to have a new beginning. So it’s on a belief system that different countries have regarding astrology and how they can impact one's lives. The important thing to note is that we can be benefitted from these stones only when we will use it when the sun will be in the Aries that year.

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