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August Birthstones ! who is to wear it ?

May 2020 | vijay rai

Why do people wear and recommended for August Birthstones?

Peridot gemstones, spinel gemstones, and sardonyx gemstones are three August birthstones. The peridot rocks are known to be formed in extreme conditions. Such as the hard lava that carries them from the depths of the Earth. Also, the meteorites that have traveled from outside the galaxy.


The rare new birthstone is recently appreciated, as consumers are now looking for alternatives to rubies gems that have been turning red for centuries. Sardonyx gemstone is the original stone of August, with a history of more than 4,000 people. That finds out more about three birthstones this August and the perfect gift for those born in August.


Peridot gemstone:-

Peridot is a semi-precious green stone of the Olivine mineral family. Peridot is their birthstone, born in August. A stone used to promote a variety of positive behaviors and to promote intelligence, communication, and good health.


Who should wear Peridot stone?

The gem peridot which means "Ghritmani" in Hindi is associated with the planet Mercury. Astrologers recommend this peridot stone to increase mercury in individual horoscopes. Low mercury can hinder intelligence, communication, and psychological health.


Indian astrology assigns the birthstone peridot to Gemini and Virgo.


Peridot Stone Benefits


Improves Intelligence and Learning Ability


Mercury shows intelligence. Wearing Peridot stones benefits people by improving their ability, memory, and understanding. Astrologers recommend this gem to students with attention problems such as distractions and short attention spans.


Boosts Oratory Skills 


Astrologers believe that peridot gems are very useful for people whose role or position involves a high level of human interaction. Professionals working in the entertainment, media, or public relations industries can benefit by wearing Peridot gems.


Heals Skin Ailments & Psychological Disorders


Peridot gemstone is useful for people with neurological disorders and skin allergies. Wearing a pearl peridot ring can relieve nerves`, restore calm, and cure skin diseases.


Peridot Prices

 Peridot prices change with clarity, origin, size, processing, and shape. Peridot prices in India start at 400 per carat and can reach up to 2,000 per carat ($ 6 to $ 31), even (depending on the quality).



Mexico and Brazil are known to produce peridot gems on a commercial scale. Other incredible sources such as Pakistan, Australia, and Myanmar are also known for peridot mining. The cost of peridot stones for Burmese and Pakistani origin remains high in the gemstone market.




The Peridot stone is one of the few gemstones available in one color. Green peridots attract higher prices. Coarse and brown or yellow coloring can reduce the number of peridot gems.




Exceptions such as lilies or black mineral spots reduce peridot prices. The more visual integration, the greater the impact on peridot prices.


Size –


Peridot value increases with weight.


The shape and cutting also affect the value of Peridot. Beautiful-looking peridots (princesses, pillows) are more expensive than round or oval. That is because of the loss of gems obtained during the cutting process.


Peridot Quality:


If you are buying peridot gems for astrological or jewelry reasons, it is important to determine their quality. That follows some of the factors mentioned below to buy the best quality peridot stone.


Spinel gemstone:-


Spinel stone is a mineral quality gemstone found in almost every color, from childless to red, including blue, green, pink, orange, pink, and even black. Of all these shades, the rare Ruby Red Spinel is the most coveted and sought after. Globally, spinels in certain colors are considered to be extraordinary healing gems while others are used to make extraordinary jewelry. The spinel gemstone is also known as being born in August.


Who Should Wear Spinel gemstone?


Spinel gems are considered as regenerative stones that help the wearer relax and refresh all aspects. Its healing properties are known to have a calming effect on the body and soul of its wearer. Thus, this is a great stone for those involved in long and tedious work hours.


• Those who want to wear protective beauty with beauty and durability like sapphire. As well as ruby ​​can also choose natural spinel stones. The red spinel can replace the ruby ​​where the blue spinel can be used in the blue sapphire area.


• Spinels are also durable jewelry (spinel hardness is 8 on Mohs hardness scale). It is used to make attractive jewelry that is appreciated by women and men. Beautiful Spinel jewelry on rings, pendants, and bracelets with the latest models and patterns of their choice.


• Besides, rare and inaccessible Spinel shades are sought after by collectors and jewelry lovers for collection purposes.


Types of Spinel based on Color

 These gemstones are available in many incredible colors and look like some of the most important gemstones like rubies and sapphires. These colored gems come as an affordable alternative to their precious pair and as an incredible gem. Colorless spinel stones are the purest and most common form because they do not contain mineral impurities. While others derive the color from the impurities they contain.


Black Spinel –

Black or green Spinel captures their color from stainless steel. The highest quality black Spinel stones are attractive and can be matched even with some of the best quality black diamonds. It is used as a powerful healing gem for intuitive strength and weight.


Red Spinel –

Also known as the "ruby spinel gemstone", color variations are considered most important. It is very rare and is used as a gemstone alternative to jewelry. It also has deep metaphysical meaning and is used to achieve stability and balance in life.


Blue Spinel - This is one of the most important and rare spinels often confused with sapphire. It comes from the Burmese and Sri Lankan mines that are often used to replace Blue Sapphire.


Pink Spinel –

Pink Spinel Often renamed the salmon spinel, this pink spinel is worshiped. It is because it's very pink, from pink to soft pink and old pink levels. It is considered as a sympathetic stone and is used to balance the heart chakra.


Green Spinel –

Natural spinel green gemstone usually found in olive green tones. This is above all healing stones for financial and professional success.


Purple Spinel –

Another popular gemstone chakra, purple spinel can be seen in bright purple and purple tones. It is regarded as a soft stone that helps wearers overcome their anxiety, stress, and sadness. Lavender spinel is a bit lighter and is considered a more reasonable replacement.


Fantasy Spinel - 

White spinach, brown spinel, yellow spinel, gray spinel, orange spinel, and spinel are some of the fantasy spinel colors. That keeps your eyes open for those looking for a unique and unique look incredible stone for jewelry.


 Spinel Meaning & Benefits:

 The August-born Spinel stone is very popular among healers worldwide. It is known for its continuity, healing, and protection of inspiration. Depending on the color, the Spinels gem is associated with many healing properties. For example, the Red Spinel gemstone is believed to promote green and pink vitality known to bring love and power to its wearer. The purple spinel represents spiritual growth while the yellow spinel promotes the intellectual development of the wearer.


Attracts Wealth, Prosperity & Luck –

Since ancient times, spinel has been considered an abundant rock and has been regarded by kings and emperors. It is said that this attractive Spinel gemstone works in a unique way to bring the wealth and opportunity one seeks.


Soothes Weak Emotions & Tensed Mind –

When looking for crystals to enhance your emotional strength, Spinel is something you should try. It is specifically recommended to cure fatigue and strengthen inner strength. For people recovering from a broken relationship, spinel is an absolute joy.


Cures Skin, Gums & Spine-related Ailments –

The healing properties of rotation can help improve the health of the wearer in several ways. Positive power activates "root chakra" and cures problems related to it. This gemstone can be used as an effective remedy for improving the health of the gums, teeth, skin, and spine. It also supports weight loss and cancer healing.



Stone sellers consider many quality factors when choosing a good spinel gem. It is also important for users to understand how this parameter controls. The quality determinations to guide their purchasing decisions. With the basics of natural variation, clarity, shape, color, and weight. It's easy for anyone to find the best spinel gem for themselves.



Red and pink spinel prices from Burma and Tanzania (Mahenge) remain high due to their rare and rare beauty. "Sri Lanka" cobalt blue spinel gem has also gained huge market value.



In the case of spinels, perfect gems are rarely found. But, important clarity, location, and type of consolidation influence Spinel gemstone prices. Rotating gemstones with small incisions placed in bead locations that seem to be successful get good value if the color is guaranteed. The price of spinel stones per rust drives the growth of very transparent red and blue specimens with minimal visible penetration.


 Spinel Stone Price

 The number of spinel stones varies depending on the quality and size. In recent years, prices of spinel stones have begun to rise due to the increasing popularity and demand in the jewelry and jewelry industry. Read on for expert knowledge on how quality and size factors affect spinel stone prices in India and other countries.


Note - Spinel gemstones in India start at Rs 1,500 per carat (around $ 25). ) And above. Spinel prices in other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, or the United Arab Emirates may change due to changes in supply and demand.


Sardonyx Gemstone:

 The oldest August birthstone: sardonyx is a variety of silica minerals called chalcedony. These minerals contain small quartz fiber layers, arranged around each other to give the striped appearance. This layer of rock varies from mist to transparent. The rocks are also of different colors. White or grey, covering a wide range of colors.


The sardonyx-born stone, but, is a kind of onyx gem, a reddish brownstone with a white ribbon. The peridot gems have a crystal aspect while Sardonyx is more like a stone.


Where is SARDONYX found?

 The birthstone for August is abundant. India is ideal for making sardonyx with very different colors. Sardonyx gems are also found in Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the United States, among other places.



 In August, kidney births were 6.5 to 7 on the Moh scale. Like peridot gems, care must be taken when wearing them, especially as a ring. Note that the sardonyx gems, like other forms of gemstones, are usually colored. High heat, as in the technique of making or refining jewelry, can affect the color of the dyed sardonyx.


Source -

 The sardonyx stone is from India, but can also be found in Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, and Germany.




Which stone is suitable for August's birthstone?

 August | Peridot and Spinel


August is the last month to claim two birthstones; Peridot gemstone and spinel gemstone. The peridot stone, with a lime green sign, is believed to instill strength and influence on the wearer.


Are there 3 birthstones in August?

 Peridot, spinel, and sardonyx are three rocks born in August. The Sardonyx gem is a native birthstone in August, with a history of over 4000 years. Learn more about the birthstones of Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx this August and find the perfect gift for those born in August.


Is August a good month to be born?

 You were born in August and you like a good grinder, hoagie, sub, maybe not by accident. They are generally good teachers. Virgos and Leo are great teachers, in and out of the classroom. Babies born in August should strive to use them to their advantage, whatever career path they choose.


Where did August come from?

 August gave birth to two zodiac signs associated with August: Virgo and Leo. For people born from August 1 to August 22, they are members of the Leo Zodiac. People born from August 23 to August 31 are members of the Virgo brand.


What does birth mean for August?

 August - Peridot


August birthstone, peridot, symbolizes strength. It was before believed that the green peridotite rocks found in the volcanic ash were the tears of the volcano goddess Pelé. When bound with gold, this jewelry protects the wearer from nightmares.


Peridot gemstone

Cause of Color :

Iron –                        due to ferrous iron (ideally 12% – 15%). The presence of chromium gives a brighter green.

Chemical Composition :                                


Cuts & Uses :                                          

  Facetted cut, cabochon, beads, carvings, etc

Dispersion :                                                   


Hardness :

   6.5 - 7 (Fayalite - Forsterite)

Refractive Index / Birefringence :                

1.654 – 1.690 / 0.036. Range: 1.640 – 1.700

Spinel gemstone

Cause of Color :                                                

-Red / Pink: Chromium - Blue: Iron and / or cobalt

Chemical Composition :                                   

Magnesium Aluminium Oxide – MgAl2O4

Cuts & Uses :                                                    

     Facetted cuts, cabochons, beads, carvings, etc.

Dispersion :                                                                  


Hardness :                                                                     


Sardonyx Gemstone

Chemical Composition :                      

Silicon dioxide

Crystal System / Forms :                     


Cuts & Uses :                                        

Bead, Cabochon, Polished

Hardness :                                            


Magnification :                                  

Straight brown and white banding.


  Parallel bands of different colors.


   Brownish red color.

Refractive Index / Birefringence :       

1.53-1.54 / 0.004


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