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Cancer Zodiac Sign Explained, gemini personality male and female ( )

June 2020 | vijay rai

CANCER Zodiac Sign  (KARKA)


The Cancer sign is associated with the Elements of Water along with the Scorpio and Pisces. It represents the fourth sign in the house of astrology. This element symbolizes the feelings, imaginative and creative experiences. With this, they are also meant to be sensitive, compassionate, friendly, domestic, artistic, instinctive, sympathetic, open-minded. And on the negative side, they are clingy, moody, unrealistic, secretive, and impractical. Moon is the owner of this zodiac sign. Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are the benefice planets and Mercury and Venus are the malefic planets.

Cancer signs are the people who are born between June 21- July 22. They resemble most of the qualities of water elements. As cancer signs have a domestic nature, they are very much attached to the family and they are the one who loves justice. It's difficult for someone to know them because they are highly introverted or reserved types of people. They tend to be highly imaginative, honest, and hospitable but also lack confidence, and are restless because they are very moody and are hypersensitive. They are the homebody, as they love to create their cozy place which makes them little nostalgic. They are very caring which makes them famous as they are known as the 'Mother of the Zodiac'. People born in this sun sign are very faithful. They understand the pain and suffering of other people. But as they are little moody it's hard to predict their mind.

Cancerian can survive in both the emotional and material realms just like the crabs who live between the sea and the shore. Like crabs, they are highly intuitive of their environment and are self-protective as crabs have their hard shield to protect themselves from the external things. As they are very domestic and nurturing, scorpions get easily attracted to them because they make them feel safe. Cancerian is the fun-loving person with full insight, passion, and indulgence which makes everyone get entertained and engaged. They have an impeccable sense of humor, who will make your life full of giggles and laughter. And they have the quality to fix things easily and fastly. One can learn from them their intense determination when they get to know what they want out of life

What are the job traits of cancer?

Cancerian is very determined towards their works. For the security and money are very important and it is the reason that they do their work with full determination. They love to finish their work and if they are left alone they perform much better. They can have a great career as- childcare worker, as they are caring and creative; they can work as a chief executive officer, as they have a determination towards their work and they can work as a loyal employee who can work benevolently with their co-worker, they know how to keep others under their control, as they bring the spirit of the family with them, they have the power to spot-on intuition which makes them a good problem solver and makes them a great leader, and they can be a strong financial manager also because they are the people with a mind of management as they are good at managing time and finances. Apart from all these, they could be a content writer and editor also which needs a great deal of patience and logical thinking, and Cancer is seen as the best owner of both and an attorney, physical therapist, regional planner, interior designer, computer system analyst, tech writer, gallery attendant. They can shine out in their career due to their perseverance because they always look for a career in the field that requires insight and assistance.

What Cancer sign likes and dislikes?

If you want to be with a cancer man or woman then you need to know what they like and what they don’t like because they are moody people. Cancerian loves to help the one, likes art, has home-based hobbies who love relaxing near water, and always likes to have a good meal with friends. But these people don’t like strangers and do not like to reveal their personal life.

With which sign Cancerian shows their compatibility?


Generally, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are considered the most compatible sign with Cancer. And Aries and Libra are seen as the least compatible signs with Cancer. Some may say that a Cancer and a Capricorn can never stay together, but some believe that small disagreements and differences many times lead to a healthy and exciting relationship. Both signs, Cancer, and Capricorn represent successful and steering personalities. They are very dedicated and persistent when we talk about them together when a Cancer and a Capricorn come together. While Cancer, who is an extrovert, is always seen as busy with their social life, while on the other side Capricorn always finds a way to the self. Both possess the same love and affection for the beautiful things and seem to have the desire to be economically stable and effective, which helps them to move further towards a unified goal.

What is the lucky color of Cancer?

Pearl and Moonstone

As this sun sign is ruled by the Moon, this is associated with the receptive and nurturing colors like blue, gray, silver, white. These colors keep them more focused by re-energizing them. People belonging to this zodiac sign should avoid black because it is said that its dark shade might make this sign more gloomy and negative. Silver and bright white help Cancer in connecting with their Intuitions. These shades are believed to increase their sensitivity and understanding which allows their love to flow at its deepest level. So, Pearl and Moonstone would be seen as the best stone because of their surprising characteristics.

Which birthstone for cancer is the most powerful?

There are four stones in this zodiac sign Emerald, Pearl, Moonstone, and Ruby. From all these stones Ruby is the most powerful birthstone for Cancer. Moonstone is considered as the planetary stone for cancer and Sapphire as the Talismanic Stone.

Ruby -  This stone comes in different shades with dazzling colors. Its color radiation is intense just like it’s energy which stimulates the passion and importance of life. It helps in maintaining wealth in their lives. It also acts as a shield against the psychic attack as Ruby radiates powerful energy for psychic protection. It increases the personality strength of a character. And also helps in making them more stable and secure. By wearing this stone people become more successful in their attempt by filling them with generosity.

Ring with Ruby stone

Cancer sign is famous for their moody behavior, Ruby brings stability to their mind which makes them take offense. It increases the energy which makes them take up the challenges and this helps them to fulfill their responsibilities very easily. This stone also helps in removing the fear of paranormal feelings. It is said that it helps in getting rid of nightmares working as a shield against the psychic attack.


What are the healing properties of Ruby which can help Cancer?

According to the astrological theory, Ruby has some healing properties which can help them to fight some health conditions such as blood-related problems and certain infections.

It is said that wearing Ruby attracts positive energy which improves mental strength. The bright, deep red silk Ruby improves their creativity and empowers them to follow their heart.

This gemstone also helps in healing the sexual wounds and restore the functioning of their reproductive system.

Wearing Ruby makes the wearer more strong, passionate, and courageous. They come up with confidence and devotion with the help of their energy which makes them get the success they desire.

Emerald – This gemstone brings hope to the Cancer Sign. It provides peace and stability to their emotion as it balances their emotional state just like it’s a green color which signifies the balance in nature. This stone also stimulates the nurturing energy which helps them to nurture themselves.

Sapphire – It is another birthstone that brings inner peace. It helps in fighting depression or say a bad mood.

Moonstone – This stone is representative of the energy of the moon and water. Moonstone helps the Cancer sign to go with the flow because it brings a new transformation in their lives by working on them as it soothes their emotional state. As this stone is a planetary gemstone for cancer it helps in relieving their stress by excelling their owner’s intuitions.

Pearl - This stone is considered as the stone of purity, sincerity, and truth. This stone makes Cancer mind centered and calm. Pearl encourages positive feelings, wisdom, generosity, honor, and good faith. Cancer sign who are struggling with the negativity they should use this stone because its energy turns the negative energy into the positive energy. This stone makes them more optimistic about any situation. Pearl helps in making the Cancer sign wealthy, happy, and free from disease. It will help in having the power of the moon, which helps Cancerian in return. This gemstone is removed all of the danger and helps in bringing contentment in old age. It makes them feel secure in the future. And one should wear this stone against their skin to reap its energy to the fullest.


How to wear these birthstones in jewelry?

birthstones in jewelry

These birthstones act as a lucky stone for Cancer signs. One can wear it in the form of necklace, rings, bracelets, earrings, and in many other ways. If you are wearing the Sapphire a Talismanic gemstone brings stability that can temper their deep emotions. One can wear a double-weighted Ruby to increase it's healing energy. Wearing it in the form of a necklace brings the energy of the sun. As Ruby improves the health-related issue wearing it can be counted as favorable. And having a moonstone necklace helps in calming and soothing their heart by Increasing their inner balance. Pearl necklace increases strength and personal integrity which makes them more attentive in their life. Wearing it as jewelry will stimulate one to look forward to their new beginning. Wearing these stones in the form of jewelry helps in removing the blocked energy by bringing back the new energies with more joy and vitality into the wearer's lives.

Wearing the white gold ring featuring Sapphire which is known as the lucky stone for Cancer sign. It helps to fulfill all the desires and dreams as it is known as the stone of prosperity.

One can wear Emerald fixed in earrings which makes them see a ray of hope.

All these stones help in having a prosperous, peaceful, loving, and harmonious existence. And they can be called together the stones of manifestation. And one can wear the moonstone in the form of bracelet also it helps in resonating life. As this stone is said to bring inner growth and peace it helps in soothing the emotional instability and stress by providing them the calmness. And it helps in bringing success and having a good fortune in their business matters and love which is an unimaginable combination of gifts. One can wear the moonstone in a pendant also which can help them in having new ideas with the help of their creativity. All these stones help the Cancer sun sign to enhance their strength and to eliminate their weakness. Their unique frequencies work with their energy and together they support and balance them.

One can fix these gemstones in any ornaments that women purchase for them and can receive the benefits for their whole life. One should go for emeralds and moonstones pendants and rings to the people born in this sun sign. The zodiac sign Cancer must buy 2 carets pearl of good quality from a trustworthy dealer and must fix it in a silver ring to wear it on the ring finger. And if you want to increase the power or energy of these gemstones then you must chant this mantra ‘Om ShramShrimShraumSahChandrayaNamah’.


Currently, gemstones are used as therapy as it is believed that it has some therapeutic benefits. It not only helps them to improve themselves, but it also increases the sense of their well-being. Each stone has its energy which helps Cancer sign people to maintain balance and achieve their dreams with ease.

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