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Everything about a Taurus zodiac sign and horoscope ( )

June 2020 | vijay rai


taurus chart 

In astrology, the earthly and human events are forecasted by observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the sun, the moon, and the planets. And they believe that their influence tends to predict the mundane events and affect the destinies of people.

According to astrology, looking upon the date and time of birth each person has a different personality and characteristics. It contains 12 zodiac signs consisting of their meaning and features. Taurus is the second sign in this list.


Things that one should know about the Taurus.

This sign is also known as Vrishabh. People under this sign are born in the middle of spring i.e., April 20th- May 20th. Among four traditional elements, it belongs to Earth which makes fall in love towards the earthly pleasures and all those comforts of life.

People under this sign are considered trustworthy, determined, and are known for their dedication and generosity. These people value honesty and are extremely loyal when it comes to their relationship. They carry a different level of love for all those things which are beautiful and luxurious.

They are meant to be financially strong as they are a little efficient with the money.

The bull symbolizes the Taurus, which makes this sun sign famous as stubborn who has a strong build personality with a hard-working attitude. The people under this sign are materialistic and don't like to get stuck in their way. And as they are implacable it makes them little selfish.

They are more conscious about making things pleasurable and lovely around themselves to make their life more comfortable. According to the astrology, Cancer sign is a good advisor for the people whose sunshine is Taurus. There always comes a question on the compatibility of signs. If we talk about Taurus women then they are more compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. These women have sterling traits as they are quick to temper, loyal, trustworthy, introverted, emotionally strong, and determined. They have the quality of facing difficult situations in life very firmly. They have an amazing ability to handle stress and tensions. But when they are very upset, they lose their temper which can frighten any strong man and this goes on increasing the rage of there if someone provokes them.

On one side if they are showing that they are reliable, caring, trusty guide, fond of love, beauty, pleasure and music, and having a stable mind, in some way they are showing their strength. On the other side, they have some negative sides also which shows how materialistic, stubborn, lazy, dependent, and extremely hot-headed they are, in some ways it shows their weakness.

Ford Taurus 1,3,7,9 are the good numbers and 5 and 8 are the evil numbers. Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday are the lucky days for them. Jupiter and Mars are considered as an evil planet. For the people who belong to this sign, silver is the lucky metal for them as this metal enhances the vibes that one receives.


What could be the best career option for the Taureans?

As they are symbolized by the bull, farming, agriculture, education, healthcare, construction, and finance would be more suitable for these signs. According to the ruling planet Venus fashion designing, interior decoration, catering, engineering, advertising, construction, and architecture best suits this sunshine. They can do well in investment banking, politician, fashion model as all these could be the best option for them.

According to Western Astrology which gemstones a Taurus should wear?

According to the ruling planet, gemstones are chosen for different zodiac signs, because it helps in ensuring the process of transmission of the cosmic energies of the planet or the sun signs to an individual who is wearing the stones.

As Taurus belongs to the earth sign, yellow, orange, and green are the luckiest colors of theirs.

stones for taurus

Emerald, sapphire, carnelian, coral, and agate, are the recommended stones for this zodiac sign. These stones are linked with the ruling planet i.e., Venus.

According to the Italian, Arabic, Russian, Roman, and Hebrew calendars, the people who are born in April and may, Sapphire is considered as their traditional birthstone. And there are other stones also which are treated as a lucky stone for this zodiac sign like amber, rose quartz and garnet. Aventurine and emerald are the planetary stones for Taurus and Garnet are listed as Talismanic stone.

All these stones help in improving their weakness by supporting and balancing the Taurus energy.

Emerald- This stone helps in bringing the prosperity in the lives of Taurus and helps in healing all the emotional wounds that they have. With the help of this stone’s energy, one can achieve harmony and makes them compassionate towards things and express their freedom. So, people achieve success with the help of this stone and it also promotes loyalty. One can wear Emerald ring to keep all the negativity and evil spirits away.

Sapphire- This stone helps them in bringing the sincerity by allowing them to trust themselves first. This stone enlightens their life by bringing happiness in their life. And the energy of this stone guides them to be truthful and faithful in their relationship. It also protects them from the evil eyes and all those negativity that is spread around them.

Carnelian- This stone brings more confidence in them by making them more courageous which helps in their transformation and allows them to take the lead instead of being an introvert. Stone with its energy helps them in taking action and makes them fearless which can help them in achieving their dreams.

Rose quartz- The energy emitted by this stone boosts up the mind and helps in becoming a little extrovert to receive and give love and kindness. Its energy makes them fearless and helps in healing them emotionally and mentally by strengthening their heart.


Which stone is lucky for the Taurus women?

Taurus women

Emerald is considered as the lucky stone for Taurus women. Sapphire, amber, coral, turquoise, rose quartz, and diamond is the stones that benefit emerald stone working as a compliment for them. We know that women have different kinds of attraction and love towards wearing gems. Taurus women are innovative in some ways as they are creative they know about combining different stones in their ornaments which award them some amazing benefits. Emerald helps in having a social recognition with fine-tuning of sensibilities.


How one should wear Emerald stone according to the astrology?

You need to know that a Taurus sign should wear Emerald stone also known as Panna according to the astrological position of the sun and planets over their heads. You should go for a good quality Emerald authenticated from a reputed supplier to get it fixed in a gold ring. And one must wear this stone on their little finger. And if you want a good result from this stone then you can chant ‘Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhaya Namah’. It is said that it helps in energizing the stone all the time.


What is the connection between Emerald and Taurus?

We know that the Taurus sign belongs to the element Earth which makes them tuned with the earth. Due to this, they are connected more with nature in tune with the earth. So, it is believed that Emerald is the best stone for the Taureans. It is believed that wearing Emerald as jewelry benefits them more as they absorb more cosmic power of Venus, which is said to be the most powerful. And there is a belief that this stone has healing power. So, the one wearing it as a Jewelry helps them to stay away from the health issues with eyesight, headache, spine, and fertility. And it is said that it also increases the mental ability of the Taureans. Astrologers say that it enhances the power of love. So, if anyone is looking for a love they recommend emerald to wear because it helps in opening the heart chakra and thymus chakra.


Is Diamond helpful for Taurus?

Diamond helpful for Taurus

It is said that diamond is the best stone for the one whose moon sign is Taurus as it benefits them a lot more than any other stone. Along with the personality it helps in improving their health conditions also. As venus is its planet which is known as the planet for practical thinking, the one who wears a diamond becomes even more practical. It helps in boosting up the wisdom by making the person more loyal and protective. It helps to control the anger, emotional blots, and negativity with its soothing influence on the mind of the wearers. And this thing brings love and affection in their heart. It is also believed that wearing a diamond can help in the progress of business or in any problem which is related to finance. This gemstone is famous as a token of love, so wearing it can help in strengthening the relationship or in getting the love of your life. Diamond is the stone which one can wear it in Platinum, Gold as well as Silver. But the choice should be in order like firstly the platinum, then silver and then gold or Panchdhatu. One can wear Diamond in the form of a pendant, ring, or bracelet. They can wear it in their daily life as it doesn't get scratch easily. So, the diamond can be used jewelry by getting it designed according to your own choice. It gives a stylish look to the wearer while being beneficial to them according to the astrology. And as Taurus women have love towards luxurious items and jewelry, they would love to wear it which will improve the relationship status also.


Is there any substitute for diamonds for the Taurus sign?

The answer is yes. Zirconia, Cubic Zirconia, Fire Opal, White Opal, and White Topaz are diamond substitutes at a very efficient cost than that of a diamond. So, if anyone is looking for a remedy to remove the negative effect of their life then they can go for this substitute which is under their pocket budget. But one should wear this gemstone on Friday.

What is the color of Taurus’s birthstone?

color of emeralds

It’s for you to know that it’s lush green. According to the astrologer, green color indicates nature, freshness, and fertility. Its colors are so adorable but green color is above all other found in nature. It helps the wearer to make their life balanced and healthy which helps in their personal growth. And it is said that this gemstone color has a very complex symbol giving a calming effect to its wearer. This stone is not only famous in India but it was also even loved in Egypt, Rome. Some use this Emerald as a sacred stone. So, we can say that Emerald is the most loved stone in the world. And this love makes this stone available in almost every jewelry store across the globe. In India also it is sold by many jewelers like Clear Opal for those who desire to buy it. So, whether one believes in these signs or not this stone is made of stunning pieces that make jewelry even more beautiful and attractive.


We saw how this sign having its strength and weakness affects the personality of an individual. And there are stones which help them in dealing with their weaknesses by raising their spiritual awareness. Different gemstones play a different role in their life by pronouncing their qualities eliminating all the negativity from their lives. So, one who believes in astrology and these zodiac signs can wear jewelry according to their start needs consulting the astrologer if needed. Taurus sign can achieve a good balance and can make their dreams come true with ease by using these gemstones in their daily life. And one can get benefit from these Taurus sign stones when they will wear it during the time of the year when the sun is in the Taurus i.e., April 20 – May 20.





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