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June 2020 | vijay rai


Before knowing about Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry we should know about Jewelry. Jewelry comprises of embellished items that have always been a form of personal beautification. It is always used to add style to one's body and clothing. And for people jewelry is a symbol of status, for them, it adds value to their wealth and their clothing also. It comes in various forms like earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, anklets, brooches, bangles, bracelets, nose pins, hairpins, etc. A wide range of materials is used to make it like valuable metals, gemstones, beads, bones, etc.

There are different types of jewelry used by the people following the market trends. And some people have different reasons to use it. For some, it is just a symbol of status and for others; it is a symbol of luck, love, and mourning. Everyone gives it their meaning. Jewelry is mostly used at the time of the wedding.

There are many categories in jewelry, fine jewelry, and fashion jewelry is one of those categories. These are the words used by the brands to launch their products in the market. This jewelry shows magnificent artisanship because of its material properties, patterns, and their meaningful symbols.

If anyone is curious to know that how they can differentiate between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry, then you must know that it's very easy. It's just all about which material has been used in any jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry- These pieces of jewelry are the expensive pieces of ornaments made of real precious metals ( like real gold, sterling silver, and platinum ), gemstones ( like Diamond, Moissanite, Pearls, Sapphire, Ruby, etc.) that people love to wear. When these metals and gems are used in any jewelry it becomes stronger than any other fashionable jewelry. It does not tarnish or corrode and its color does not change over time. If it happens then by cleaning it gets back to normal shine. And if it's broken then one can repair it at any well-reputed jewelry shop. But one needs to keep it with care and safety because it's very expensive as precious materials are used in it. It is very durable that one can take it as a good investment. According to the present market rate, one can resale their jewelry at an affordable price. So, one can say that it's a sort of investment also.

Fashion jewelry- This jewelry is also called costume jewelry. This jewelry is made of base metals and with replicated gems and stones. These pieces of jewelry’ are made with aluminum, brass, and brass. And to give it a look of gold and silver coating (silver and gold plating) is done on them. These pieces of jewelry’ have less durability than fine jewelry. And it gets tarnished easily and it's very much prone to cracking. Fashion jewelry is hard to mend it again. But as it is cheaper than the fine jewelry one can replace it. And if it's the price is high then it's just because of the brand name, they use it as a price tag. One must take care of it.

fashion Jewelry

Why fashion jewelry was introduced in the market?

Fashion jewelry is seen as an alternative of fine jewelry that came into fashion around the 1930s. This helps them to be up to date with the present trends. One can save money wearing fashion jewelry and still look classy and stunning. Fine jewelry is expected to go out of trend and style in a few years and it’s very expensive. But fashion jewelry is inexpensive so one can change this jewelry according to the current trend or fashion without any hesitation. One can replace it whenever they want. Fashion jewelry is for those people who have the desire or who love wearing jewelry but they can’t afford it because of the high price of fine jewelry. So, this fashion jewelry came into tradition and was highly accepted by the people. And it was also helpful for Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other film industries where they started using fashion jewelry to present some events in their film giving the authentic look to the wearer without spending much money. And this thing gave more hikes to the fashion jewelry in the market by giving them a fashionable look under their budget. This jewelry also uses man-made materials like glass, plastics, and other durable materials. These are used in abundance as it's affordable and one can make a match according to their outfits. Fashion jewelry is also made with leather, alloy as a base metal, plastics stone and glass stone. It comes in various designs and styles. One point that everyone should take care of is that they must keep their fashion jewelry away from water otherwise it will lose all its coating and plating before time and corrosion will start.

What could be the purpose of each type of jewelry?

Fashion jewelry helps middle-class women to have an authentic and trendy look without burning their salary. One can flaunt wearing it according to the match with their outfits. As it is inexpensive one doesn’t have to worry about its rusting, staining, or tearing. It gives the woman a vintage look at an affordable price.

Fine jewelry could be more about investment. One can flaunt their wealth and can maintain their status as it’s very expensive. A woman can make a bold statement with their fine jewelry collection only. It’s like they are expressing their status publicly.

But if you are confused about what to wear in any occasional events then mostly the fashion jewelry would be preferred as it will give you a grunge look. And if there is any wedding then brides mostly go for a piece of fine jewelry because it helps them to have power and status in society. But the attendees mostly prefer a piece of fashion jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

How to spot a difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry?

As in fashion jewelry silver and golden coating or plating is done and lab-made stones or gens are used in a very fine manner that it gets harder for some people to different what jewelry is what. So now all of you need to know that you can do various tests on these accessories to know the truth. First is they can do a magnet test. Silver and gold are not magnetic but if any other metals have been used then it would get attracted towards the magnet.

One can also do a fog test. This test helps us to know whether gems or stones used in it are precious or semiprecious. Just breathe out on your stone; if it’s a real diamond then it will not fog up because a real diamond does not retain heat.

If one doesn’t want to do these tests then they only watch their skin wearing jewelry for some time. If it’s fine jewelry then it’s good and if it’s not then your skin may turn out to be green or it may cause some irritation on that particular area. Some people don’t feel this irritation but some do.

You can also test it by putting your Jewelry in water. If it’s gold or silver with real precious stones then nothing will happen but if it’s not then it may lose its color.

If you want to know whether the silver used in your jewelry is real or not then you can find out by rubbing regular chalk on its surface. If it starts darkening then it’s real silver. And in the case of gold, you can use iodine to test the fact. If it leaves any kind of stain then it is not gold. It could be a block of platinum or alloy with gold coating.

These tests are not required if you are purchasing it with a trusted dealer because they will tell you the difference without any hesitation. And will also guide you on what may suit you and your outfits.

What are the stones used for jewelry?

Different types of precious and semiprecious stones are used for Jewelry.

Amber, pearl, and coral are organic gemstones because they are produced by living organisms. Amber is made of tree resins that get harden after some time. To be classified as amber, it must be 100-120 years old. Pearls are produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk or another animal. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it ranges between 2.5 to 4.5. Coral is produced from the coral reef which is found inside the sea. It plays an important part in marine ecosystems. In Hindi, it is known as Moonga. And other stones are inorganic which means they arise from minerals or by mining like emerald, jade, sapphire, jasper. They have been treasured throughout history. Jade is known as the stone of heaven and is linked to Asian culture, history, and tradition. Emerald is known for its fine green to a bluish-green color. Sapphire is most famous in the United States. And its blue color is mostly admired by the people. And it is more affordable than the other three precious stones of its group that is emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Diamonds are very precious stones that are mined from coal. And there are other lab-produced stones also which are costly but less than that of a diamond. Moissanite is produced in the lab and is widely used in jewelry as a replication of diamonds. Cubic zirconia is also a lab composed of stones that are widely used in fashion jewelry in place of diamond and moissanite. It’s for the one who can’t afford diamonds. And there are many other stones produced in the lab but are very cheap according to other stones and are used in jewelry.


Fashion Jewelry and fine jewelry are the style statement. In today’s modern world it’s not hard to look fashionable. One can have a trendy and authentic look without burning their pocket. And it’s all because of technology and creativity that has shaped the jewelry by replicating the fine jewelry so that everyone can flaunt according to their mood and fashion. We the Clearopal provide you the fashionable pieces for affordable prices. And we also provide a fine Jewelry in various designs that will enhance your look on a different level.

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