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Gemini Zodiac sign Explained, gemini personality male and female ( )

June 2020 | vijay rai

Gemini Zodiac sign♊ (Mithuna)

All the signs have been divided equally among the four traditional elements i.e., fire, earth, air, and water. Gemini sign is related to the element of air along with Libra and Aquarius. And this place represents the third house in astrology. People belonging to this sign tend to present mental and social experience. They are meant to have qualities like the quick-witted, communicative, relationship-oriented, flexible, tolerant original, sociable, versatile, and adaptable.
This sign is called a positive mutable sign which means to be associated with adaptability, flexibility, and sympathy. They are also outlined as being diplomatic and they help in assisting others through transitions. They conciliate change and frequently change the modes of their expression. As Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac, the sun moves this sign between May 20 (starting at the end of spring in the Northern Hemisphere) - June 20.

What are the personality traits that Gemini sign carries? 

Gemini sign is rendered by the twins Castor and Pollux, which is known as Dioscuri. Quick thinking, passionate, dynamic, and energetic Gemini are experts in communication who are known for displaying two different sides of theirs to the world. It means that Gemini can ease the transition from one state of mind to the next which makes it an intellectual air sign among the group.
One of the most important functions of this sign is that it permits the vibration of the twin's voices between the space of two lines which carry and receive the information. This star sign has many different personality traits as this star sign portrays the level of affection, curiosity, and kindness. According to the horoscope, they are full of energy and are quick thinkers. It is said that the Gemini sign has a nature of chameleon, it means they are adaptive to nature, as they are always ready to mix with different groups according to the energy and vibes they receive from them. And this capability of theirs makes them even more intelligent which makes them less hesitant while making the next move.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini which gives them the ability to lead life according to their way of thinking. They love exchanging ideas because for them it enhances their wit level which makes them get ready for any kind of intellectual challenge. Gemini sign likes listening to music, reading books, magazines are interested in chatting with nearly anyone and they love to do short tours around. Along with all these, they have some dislikes also like they don’t like to be alone and confined and do not like repetition and the following routine. But there is one thing about them which is for the people to know who is in a relationship with them i.e., they might take a sharp turn at any point in time by leaving their loved ones behind. But the ones who love them try to follow their pace to build a strong loving foundation through time. People born in this sun sign are always in search of strong-willed people with whom they can communicate because they easily lose interest from the entire conversation when the flow of spoken words is not clear. It shows that they always want to stay dynamic, feeling inspired, and in search of information that can push them forward. For Gemini family is very important, especially children because they build a strong emotional bond with them.

Is Gemini trustworthy?

If we will talk about Gemini men then instead of being a hard question, the answer is simply ‘no’. And it’s not because they are a professional liar but because it’s hard to predict what an hour or tomorrow will bring to their mind and heart. It's hard to decipher whatever they say, whether their words mean something for them or not. Because they are very complex and hard to understand. But these men will never betray their parent's trust. It shows that they favor spontaneity and are much carefree. Gemini men are away from their own emotions, needed to go to the core of their hearts but it’s hard for them to understand how to do so. But they have a childish charm with an incredible inner beauty which is hard to go deep inside their root to understand them.
And if we are talking about Gemini women then you should know that they can’t guarantee how long their loyalty and emotions will last. Because as fast as they fall for someone, they can easily find themselves out also. These women go for the one who is intelligent and well-read. For them, it’s hard to find satisfaction and emotions in one person for so long. To be in a relationship they must find happiness in it. Gemini women don’t want to be tied down in a relationship to get protected from the world. They want to fly on their wings as they love traveling and meeting new people all the time. Gemini women want enough room for themselves. They don’t want someone who will hold her back.

Who suits best with the Gemini?

Many people get attracted to Gemini’s youthful, funny, and chilly nature but for Gemini taking a relationship with one person for longer and longer is much harder. It is said that the Gemini sign tends to suit best with air signs and fire signs. And they are in a relationship with earth signs or water sign, then they will have to work hard on their relationship because it gets difficult for them to carry it for long. Sagittarius sign is considered to be the best sign for Gemini in some ways. Together they can have a complementary or conflicting relationship. On the other side, Aquarius and Gemini together can have an intellectual relationship because they love conversing endlessly by harmoniously sharing ideas. But they can't make their stay and put it long together in a consistent manner.
Being rooted in their great strength is their any blind spots for Gemini?
The weakness of Gemini is rooted in their strengths. As they are famous for their intelligence and superficial it makes them overly intellectual. As Gemini is a mutable sign they hold a power of change maker who always looks for a pathway leaving the loved ones behind. And this change-maker ability makes others have an uncanny feeling about the Gemini as they are noncommittal and untrustworthy. This nature of theirs makes a reputation as emotionally elusive.

What type of profession suits Gemini?

Gemini famously known for their sharp mind and curiosity to learn, makes them be called on to analyze and perform many-faceted functions that suites their profession in a unique way. They should choose a career in a manner where they can mentally occupy their full intelligence and to keep themselves busy enough to channel their restless energies. The ruling planet mercury and sun sign are connected to transportation which can make Gemini go for a job related to travel and operating vehicles. Gemini signs can go in the field of communications technology by involving themselves in mass media like online news telecasting, television. Gemini signs are a multi-tasker, they can be an accountant as they can handle the tax season with ease as they are a fast thinker. They can go in the field of software development also. It shows their intelligence and love for debugging and software to build an application, as it helps them to stay in a current changing situation.

What is the birthstone of Gemini?

Gemini by the Zodiac sign includes six stones i.e., agate, Chrysoprase, citrine, moonstone, pearl, and white sapphire. In addition to the stones for Gemini, the tiger's eye is considered as the Planetary stone for Gemini and Emerald is the Talismanic Stone. All these stones help in balancing and supporting the Gemini energy.

gemini zodiac sign
Emerald - This stone is seen as a very effective and beneficial birthstone for Gemini as it helps the weak and sick ones by strengthening and improving their life. It assists their intellectual side, by infusing the intuition and ideas into their intellectual practices. It enhances communication, cooperation, and provides a balance to group interactions. It helps in boosting up the mental behavior and memory, which gives them new insights and wise solutions. It promotes patience, which helps them to stick with what they are working on instead of jumping to the next work.

One should have a 1.5 carat Emerald from trusted and authenticated supplier and get it fixed in a ring of gold and must wear it in their little finger.

Tiger's eye - This stone helps in making a balance in the extreme opposite. It is important for Gemini’s dual nature also. It increases their determination which is helpful for a relationship, job, and any other works. It strengthens the mind and promotes the skill, courage which helps them in their amazing life transformation.

Citrine - This stone gives the feeling of positivity and radiance. It's sunny disposition help in promoting the passion, motivation, and vibrant energy which brings the self-confidence and positivity throughout life.

Moonstone - This stone helps in bringing the sun's spiritual energy that maintains a balance between the mind and the heart. It helps them to connect with their softer side and It makes the Gemini soothe and balance their emotions. Moonstone, provides knowledge about their intuition, having a better discernment, and gives an insightful perception.

Agate – According to the Hebrew, Roman, and Indian calendars this birthstone of Gemini, is famous as the traditional birthstone for May/June. This stone is available in many colors like red, yellow, green, white, and black, and all of them are meant to have a calming effect on its Gemini wearer. It helps the wearer to increase their concentration power, this improves their intelligence also.

Chrysoprase – This birthstone of Gemini, mostly found in a bright green color. And it helps in calming the nerves of the wearers and battling negative thoughts.

White Sapphire – This stone is also famous as a birthstone for Gemini. It is believed that white sapphire helps its wearer to gain inner peace and tranquility. And it helps in keeping the negative thoughts away from the Gemini sign.

How wearing pearl can affect a Gemini?

It is also the birthstone for Gemini which response to the Agate, Ruby, Emerald. There is a belief that pearl conducts the energies of the planet mercury. It means wearing a pearl as jewelry through the gem will help in focusing the energy of the planet and sign through the gem. We know that Gemini gives much more importance to the relationship in their life. So, wearing a pearl will improve and increase the love and care of Gemini men which helps in intensifying the family and other relationship bonds. If we believe in the spiritual things then one can go pearl as it helps a Gemini man to lead a balanced life. Wearing a pearl can help in many ways as it helps in improving loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship also. This stone assures modesty, chastity, and purity also by enhancing one’s integrity. Pearl has some healing properties also which can help in many health issues related to heart, stomach, spleen, ulcer, and intestine problems. And this makes it more reputed in the market. One can wear it normally also whether you believe in it or not it is an addition to your beauty, as it makes you look more elegant.

By all considerations, these gemstones are the most suitable ones for the Gemini. They can use these stones together in jewelry by making a combination of agate, rock crystal, citrine, pearl, moonstone, white sapphire, emerald, and ruby also. All these stones have their benefits, with their specificity. Together they can provide excellent communication skills and strong sociability to the wearers, which are the dominant traits of a Gemini.


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