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Gemstone for those who born in December ! Tanzanite Gemstone !

May 2020 | vijay rai


Tanzanite gemstones and its effect on us.

 People born in December have an incredible selection of 3 different minerals to give birth to. Births for December include Tanzanite gems, Zirkon gems, and Turquoise gems. What they have in common is that everyone has the same color but in a different sense: blue. The three largest ones appear on the continent and there is no doubt that babies born in December are meant to adorn them. By the end of the year, this will give you a sense of calm in the coming year.


Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanian gemstones were only discovered in the late 1960s in Tanzania and remain an exclusive discovery site. It is mainly located near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzan gemstones are usually rich, dark blue velvet with purple tones. But they can also be purchased in purple. It has become very popular over time because of a variety of ways. It can be cut, of all sizes and shapes, and because of its availability compared to other births.


Zircon Birthstone:

The name "zircon gemstone" is given by the Arabic words "zar" (gold) and "pistol" (color). The most popular color for zircon gemstones is blue. But they are found in rainbows with a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, red. Even color has been very popular lately years. Zircon gems are found in places such as Thailand, Cambodia and southern Vietnam. It is said that cubic zirconia gemstones provide its users to relieve pain, improve appetite, and protect tourists from injury and illness.


Turquoise Birthstone

Since the 13th century, turquoise has become one of the oldest in the world and its name is based on the French phrase "Turkey". The base color is blue, but subject to color and transparency - from translucent to opaque. It is very popular in the southwestern United States and is used as Native American clothing. The Turquoise Stone is said to have the power of special healing and to promote its wealth and wealth. It is also said to bring good fortune and cut evil.


This birthday is a great gift for a friend or family born in December. All 3s are very flexible and can be cut into almost any shape and size. Ideal for wearing it with gems, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or brooches. Native Americans can take the form of sports on clothing, handbags, or wallets.


Tanzanite gemstone:

Tanzanite gems are the blue-purple gemstones of the Zoisite mineral family, found only in Tanzania. It presents a unique phenomenon called pleochroism in which different shades of tanzanite (blue, purple, and purple) are represented from different angles. This gem is very popular in the jewelry segment and was also used as birth in December.


Who should wear Tanzanian gemstones?

In Western astrology, the birth of Tanzanian gemstones is considered very well for people born in December or under the sign of Sagittarius.

This stone is considered a 24 year anniversary and is used to maximize luck.


Advantages of Tanzanite Stones

The beauty of Tanzanian gems has a profound and lasting effect, but at least its metaphysical significance. Besides the quality of fortune and prosperity, Tanzanite gemstones occupy an important place in Western astrology. It is said that healing metals and metals benefit the wearer by having complete spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. The stone was also adopted in December by the American Gemstone Trade Association (AGTA).


Encouraging spiritual growth -

Like all Western astrology, the positive energy of tankan rocks improves. The mental capacity of the wearer enhances tranquillity and supports meditation practice. Wearing Tanzanite stone is believed to enable people to gain spiritual knowledge and peace of mind.


increase Intuition Level -

According to belief, tanzanite gemstones have a positive effect on various body chakras and alert the user's intuitive strength. It also helps to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Promotes physician 

Wearing Tanzanian gems benefits individuals by strengthening the immune system, detoxifying blood, and stimulating cell growth. Tanzanite's medicinal properties are also believed to provide protection against addictions, allergies, and harmful side effects.


The price of tanzanite gems

The value of expensive tanzanite stone is determined by color weight, thinning, hair, and rust analysis. In recent decades, the international demand for copper from Tanzanite. That has grown due to Tiffany's extensive marketing in New York. Rising demand and declining supply also led to an increase in Tanzania's gemstone wholesale value.

It is always recommended to buy Tanzanite gemstones online only from trusted traders and retailers to ensure good quality and affordable price. Tanzania jewelry prices in India vary from Rs 1,200 per carat (around $ 20) and can reach up to Rs 30,000 per carat (around $ 460). The price depends on quality, shortage, and demand. Prices in other countries such as the United States or Dubai may vary.


Quality of tanzanite stone –

Understanding small differences in tanzanite quality factors (such as origin, color, clarity, and cutting) is not easy for people who do not know what in giving their views. With knowledge of the features of Tanzania gems and quality factors to ease their buy.

In stone trading, traders use trade conditions such as AAA, AA, and A to determine the best quality of Tanzania jewelry, medium, and medium. But be careful! Some big sellers use terms like AAAA or AAAAA to trick customers. It is always recommended to buy Tanzanite AAA gems in large quantities to get the best value for money.


Color -

The cost of tanzanite gemstone per carat is determined almost entirely by color. Thus, even slight changes in color make a significant difference in the price of Tanzanite gemstones. The bright, bright Tanzanian gemstones are always at their highest prices. Too pale or too dark a little cheaper. Always pay attention to color zoning (uneven color distribution) as it reduces the color value of Tanzanite rocks.


Clarity –

Tanzanite rocks are type I gemstones, meaning they are generally clean and free from visible violations. Tanzanite gemstones with glittering glass and incredible clarity are always there. But, the high value of gemstones associated with tanzanite has dropped and is often sold at lower prices.


Cut –

Cut also has a huge impact on the Tanzanite gemstone price per carat. Extraordinary pieces like square pieces, princess pieces, and trillion pieces are often more expensive. In fact, this cutting force causes more waste than raw tanzanite. The cost of tanzanite gemstones is lower for the oval or oval shape.


Zircon gemstone:

Zircon gemstones (Jars in Hindi) are natural and semi-precious gems of the Nesosilicates mineral family in various colors such as white (colorless) blue, yellow, red, orange, green. Colorless variations are often recommended as an alternative to astrology for diamonds. Cubic zirconia gemstones are considered the birth month for December and can also be used for healing and jewelry.


Who should wear a zircon gem?

According to Indian astrology, the Zirkon gemstone (which means "Zarkan", "Jargon" or "Ratan" in Hindi) is associated with the planet Venus. While astrologers believe that the natural zircon stone can be used to reinforce Venus' weakened figure on its birth map. And achieve peace of mind, positive attitude, confidence, marital harmony, and happiness in health.

In astrology, the Veda recommends Ratna's Horse for poetry (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi.

Western astrology recommends the birth of zircon gems to signal cancer.


Absolute zircon rock type

Natural zircon jewelry is available in many colors, including blue, red, yellow, white, green, and brown. Of all the colors of this zircon gemstone, natural white zircon gems are considered the most desirable.


White zircon gems -

Often referred to as white horses, these white gems are a variety of natural zircon gems that resemble precious diamonds. Thus, it is often recommended as a substitute for astrology (upratna) by Vedic astrologers.


Zircon blue gemstone -

Zircon blue gemstone is a natural gemstone sought after jewelry. After the colorless zircon gemstone is considered the most desirable type of zircon gemstone. Western astrology finds blue zirconia-born rocks very attractive to people born in December.


Yellow Zircon Gem -

Natural Yellow Zircon Gem (Yellow Jars) is a rare yellow gem. A variety of natural zircon gems that look beautiful when personalized with jewelry. According to Indian astrology, it is believed that wearing yellow zircon gems brought blessings to the planet Venus and Jupiter to its wearers and helped them succeed in life. We recommend that you read our complete buyers guide for zircon yellow gemstones to learn more about quality, benefits, and price.


Red Zircon (Rose Zircon) -

This is a variety of natural zircon gemstones that are admired for its incredible red color and flame (internal light). Due to its high durability and affordable price, natural red zircon gems are considered one of the most popular gems in jewelry.


Other Luxury Zircon gems -

Natural zircon gemstones are available in many other colors. Green zircon gemstone, natural pink zircon gemstone, natural orange zircon gemstone, brown zircon gemstone, purple zircon gemstone, zircon gemstone color change are some of the most popular colors you can find on the market.


Quality –

Long used as a substitute for precious diamonds, natural zircon gems are one of the most sought after precious stones. In the market, this beautiful gemstone is available in a variety of quality brands. As such, it is very important for consumers to understand what to consider when purchasing natural zircon stones online or from local merchants to buy the best quality zircon stones.


Source –

High-quality gemstone, natural coarse zircon gem from various mining locations, including Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Africa, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, Burma (Myanmar) and some parts of Asia. Suitable gemstones, Sri Lankan zircon gemstones (made from Ratanakiri mines in Sri Lanka, hence also known as gemstones), Cambodian zircon gemstones and Tanzania zircon gemstones are appreciated for their exquisite color and transparency.


Color –

Natural zircon gems are available in a variety of colors from white (colorless) to blue, green, yellow, pink, red, brown. The white zircon gemstone is considered to be the most important and impressive gem. The variation followed by blue and red.


Clarity –

Premium zircon gemstones almost impress with high transparency and excellent desire. Some stones may contain needles such as needles, billions of white, cracked cracks, fluid infiltration, and facial irritation. The quality, quantity, size, and location of these orders often determine the quality of zircon gems


Size –

Well-decorated zircon gemstones are considered the best to buy as they highlight the color and clarity of the gemstones. These rare specimens are rare and are only available in gem stores. But, smart cuts and irregular shapes often slow down Zirkon's beauty and brightness, making it a little less desirable.


Zircon gemstone Prices –

The price of natural zircon gems depends on color, clarity, haircut, weight, and origin. Due to astrological suitability, the demand and value of white zirconia gems remain at the top end. Among the various quality scores, the quality of AAA Zircon gemstones as proven by trusted gem institutions like GIA, IGI, GII, and GRS is considered important.


Note - Currently, the price of gemstones in cubic zirconia per carat in India starts at Rs 1,000 per carat (around $ 15). It can reach up to Rs 3,500 per carat (around $ 55) depending on quality, scarcity, and size.


Turquoise gemstone (Firoza):

Turquoise fragments in natural color, light blue to dark green. A valuable part of the Phosphate mineral family. Astrology and healing have many benefits. In Western astrology, turquoise gems were used as births in December.


Who should wear turquoise colored gemstones?

According to Vedic astrology, the natural turquoise gem (which means Firoza in Hindi) is associated with the planet "Jupiter". Firoza jewelry is believed to strengthen Jupiter in the wearer's horoscope and give him financial success, wisdom, and good health. Considered a soft stone, turquoise does not impact the life of the wearer.


Quality turquoise gemstones:

The quality of the actual Turquoise gemstone is assessed using several factors. Such as origin, color, clarity, and shape to determine the best quality of the Turquoise gemstone.


Sources -

Turquoise mines in Iran (Persia), Tibet, Mexico, Arizona, Egypt, Turkey, and America. In the jewelry market, Persian turquoise gems are considered a highly sought after variant due to their excellent blue color, incredible clarity, and waxing lining. According to experts, American turquoise gemstones from Arizona turquoise and Kingman Turquoise are known for their quality. Tibetan turquoise gems and Chinese turquoise gems usually have spider webs on the surface (visible matrix) and are thus used for fashion jewelry.


Color -

In terms of quality, color clarity and tone are important factors of magnetism. Firoza colors generally vary from light blue to dark blue and green. According to dealers, dark blue or medium-turquoise blue gemstone (in Persian) is the most popular. Some unused Turquoise gems are also available in the market. Such as Green Turquoise gems, Purple Turquoise gems, and White Turquoise gems, etc.


Explanation and Navigation Text –

Most Turquoise gemstones are almost dark with little or no visible matrix and spots. Clean and perfect turquoise gems are rare and very valuable. The turquoise rocks in the Tibetan region often contain black, gray, or brown matrix veins that produce interesting patterns. Turquoise Spiderweb gemstones are more common and less prominent.


Shape –

Turquoise is a large hard rock (turquoise hardness - 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale) and is thus available in many forms. The most common is the cabochon in the shape of a square while the round shape of the falls, marquise, and turquoise is quite rare. As much as possible, polished turquoise will be considered the most desirable.


Stone Price –

There are many factors that determine the value of turquoise in the market. According to gemstones, its weight and quality can help one determine what Firoza is. A complete Turquoise gemstone price guide will help you buy the perfect turquoise gemstone with a limited budget.


Note - Currently, the price of turquoise gemstones in India ranges from Rs 300 per carat (around $ 5). It can reach up to Rs 1,200 per carat (around $ 20) depending on size, source, and quality.


What is December's traditional birthstone?

December's birthday has three gems; Zircon gems, tanzanite gems, and turquoise gems. Each gemstone has a unique blue tone that makes it an ideal birthplace for the harsh winters of Minnesota to Minnesota. Zircon gems are available in many colors, but blue is preferred.


Where is the zircon stone found? The legendary richness of Sri Lankan gemstones: sapphire gemstones of various colors, rubies, alexandrites, spinels, tournaments, moons, and quartz are some of the minerals released. The same goes for gemstones born in December.


What's the color of December?

December: Blue zircon gemstone, turquoise gemstone, and tanzanite gemstone

Birthdays in December can celebrate their month with tanzanite gems, blue zircon gems, or turquoise-born stones. All gemstones are known for their different shades of blue, and each has a unique set of features and structures.

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