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Jewellery Grade Cubic Zirconia ( American Diamond ) it's cost and Uses !

May 2020 | vijay rai


Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is synthesized i.e., man-made cubic crystalline form of Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2). It is alike Diamond as it’s synthesized material is hard, colorless, and flawless which is free of inclusions. It is considered that it was first used in jewelry but in 1970 it was designed to use in military application. For commercial purposes it’s production began in 1976. 

It is believed that CZ has some energy which helps to improve focus which increases the clarity of removing the illusion and helps in releasing the ego by draining the selfishness.  Cubic zirconia which is used as a diamond alternative has been allocated to zodiac sign also. As it is a durable stone it increases the shine of any design. Since it is a stimulant of a diamond, synthetic moissanite has been its main competitor in the market as synthetic gemstones. All three (cubic zirconia, moissanite, and diamond) has some resemblance but they all carry distinct physical structure, beauty, and value.   

If we talk about its physical properties then you must note out that cubic zirconia does not carry true intense brightness of light or fire. Its refractive index is lower between 2.15 – 2.18, than Moissanite whose refractive index is 2.65 and that of diamond whose refractive index is 2.42. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it manages to score 8.5, where diamond scored 10 and Moissanite manages to stand next to diamond scoring 9.5. It does not offer any spark as it is a lab-created stone but diamond shows fire and shine when it's cut well. 

To imitate diamond, cubic zirconia is cut into almost the same shape and design as that of a diamond. It is difficult for the normal person to tell the difference between these two stones. We can find out the difference by trying out some of the ways like checking their thermal conductivity as cubic zirconia is thermal insulator and diamond is thermal conductor, hardness whose rating is 8.5 on Mohs scale while diamond is at 10, the refractive index is lower between 2.15-2.18 while diamond has 2.42 and it's the density which is 1.7 times denser than diamond. Its dispersion rate is also higher (around 0.058–0.066) compared to diamond (0.044) which means it reflects immensely different types of colored light than diamond giving it a rainbow effect offering less reflection back to the eyes. And because of this one can find out that it's not a diamond. Because of its high dispersion rate, it reflects an orange-tinted light, which indicates that it is not a diamond.

As cubic zirconia is synthesized in labs they always try to simulate the different colors of a diamond by using different kinds of oxides in its creation. And it helped in competing diamonds and other gemstones in the market imitating diamond at much affordable rate which always helped this stone to keep pace with the trends. 

A problem that cubic zirconia carries is it is not durable like a diamond, Moissanite, sapphire, or ruby which makes it more likely to get scratches easily over time. We can say, it is a good alternative for the short term because it is not that expensive. So you can replace it whenever you want if it gets scratched over time. But it has one drawback that with time it may lose its sparkle. 


Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Size Comparison

When we go shopping for fashion jewelry set with CZ or it’s loose stones it’s important to know that how these stones get measured. We know that weight of CZ is different than diamond because of its density which is 1.7 times denser than diamond. To remove the confusion of weight between these two we the Clear Opal use carat-equivalent sizes where 1carat Round Cut Cubic Zirconia diamond will be equal to 6.5 mm. So it’s the responsibility of a dealer to give you a match in size. 

Cubic Zirconia size

Uses of Cubic Zirconia in jewelry

Cubic Zirconia works magnificently when setting into a necklace, rings, bracelet, or any other jewelry but you can’t wear it daily. It's good for those who go with the budget as it’s a very cheap and good option for jewelry. But it’s on you to decide whether you want it as an engagement ring or some fine jewelry or not because it's not durable and you will have to protect it from scratches. And it's not for daily wear because its exposure to water may damage the stone. 

If you are purchasing a ring and want it to be more authentic then you should go with a center stone less than 2 carats. And one must avoid brass and copper for the plating over the ring because it ruins very fastly. So we advise you to go with sterling silver and stainless steel, which also enhances its beauty making its look more ethical. And they will go with many outfits whether it’s casual or formal and can have different choices of jewelry. Here the prices may vary depending on the band you use for setting CZ over the ring. And you can find a wonderful piece on Clear Opal as we help in making your look more elegant wearing cubic zirconia jewelry. We the members of Clear Opal customize these stones according to the taste of the buyers. 

How much 1-carat cubic zirconia can cost in your pocket? 

Where 1 carat round cubic zirconia cost you $13.99, here well-cut 1carat diamond will cost you $3,630. Where 2-carat diamond retail approx. $5,000, there 2-carat cubic zirconia cost about $30. It means the price gaps get larger with the increase in carat weight. So one should go to a trusted jewelry shop dealer who can truly express the price differences according to the carat weight. And if you want to go with colored fancy diamonds and cubic zirconia the prices get even greater. 

If cubic zirconia last longer? 

If you are wearing it every day then it may last 2-3 years or a little more. It's on you to clean it according to your use as it gets easily scratched and cloudy over time again and again. 

Is there any worth of cubic zirconia? 

If one goes with a value point of view then it's clear that it doesn't have any worth next to diamond or moissanite or any other gemstones. One can get worth only for the setting in which CZ is set. It doesn't have any market value. One should just take the diamond-like feeling from it instead of thinking as any investment. 

Does Cubic Zirconia have clarity? 

A very expensive diamond comes with different types of clarity grade like from flawless to included and instead of being so expensive sometimes flawless diamonds may have tiny little inclusion within it. But cubic zirconia carries an awesome clarity with almost always flawless. And one can differentiate between these two with the help of this feature whether it's a diamond or not as CZ lacks any flaws.

American Diamond or Cubic zirconia comes in wide range shapes and cuts, please see the image to know more about it. 


Artificial stones are now competing in the market very well and cubic zirconia is one of them with beautifully crafted designs and shapes with it’s higher dispersion. 

Cubic Zirconia has been synthesized in a laboratory as an ethical diamond simulant at a low cost. Its market is banging with some marketing tricks and tactics that customers and shoppers both need to be aware of. It has become popular globally by getting its importance in the market. When you are searching for a cubic zirconia ring then you must try to purchase it with a shop who gives a 1-month refund or exchange because it does not hold any resale value. One must purchase a small CZ ring to get a real diamond-like look because rainbow-like flash gets visible inside the stone when the size is big. 

So, if you want to go on a budget then it’s the best option imitating diamond properties. It’s not a fake diamond it’s just an alternative made inside a laboratory for the one who can’t purchase a real diamond but can have a diamond look at an affordable price. If you have any desire and choice regarding jewelry according to your outfits then you can go with CZ set made with silver and stainless steel as they will last longer with their worth. It has played very well in making it's market widely available in today’s competition with other gemstones. It has advanced its manufacturing by being conflict-free as it is sustainable and ethical. It gives an expensive look at a very affordable price and as it is created in the lab it is earth-friendly reducing the destructive impact which is caused by mining. And whether it’s child-woman or man anyone can wear it in the form of pendants, brooches, necklaces or rings. We can say that it’s a far superior option for the one who is mad for diamonds but can’t afford expensive gemstones but getting an expensive diamond-like look with different color options according to their desire. According to your pocket budget, Clear Opal can help you to choose your jewelry design giving a creative outlook to cubic zirconia. 

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