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LEO ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality , LEO Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai



In astrology, people who are born under the sign of Leo between the period of July 23 and August 22, spans up to the 120th to 150th degree of celestial longitude. They are called natural-born leaders, who are always ready to blaze and conquer justice. People of this sign are very creative, dramatic, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, and humorous. They have full confidence in themselves which makes them achieve anything they want to in any area of life they go for and are dominating the kind of person who is hard to resist. As they are self-confident and attractive, they can unite different groups of people and can lead them with their collaboration with these people easily. Just like a lion they are warm and courageous and the king of all the zodiac signs because they are bold and intelligent. They have very high self-esteem who do not believe in false acceptability. They have their distinct charm and fire in them and with this personality, they gain respect and get appreciation as they give their full effort whatever they do.

Leo belongs to which traditional elements?

Like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo belongs to the element of fire. And this makes them fall in love with life, who always try to laugh and have a good time with all warm-heartedly. This fire helps them in solving almost all difficult problems by taking the initiative in a very easy manner which helps them in resolving the various complicated situations. This zodiac sign is being ruled by the Sun who has its power and prowess and Leo worship this fiery entity. Both fire and the sun makes them self-aware and causes the constant and continuous growth of their ego. They always chase for their gain or status and aware of their personality and desire they easily ask for the things they need but they unconsciously forget the needs of other people by chasing their status. They always put themselves first Fire and Leo symbol provide them the courage to walk with their head high and makes them face others with dignity and respect without raising a voice, a hand or any weapon, and allow them to walk through the forest they rule.

What could be the motto of Leo sign?

Leos are seen as an ardent in all pursuits, in a relationship also. The name Leo itself symbolizes the leadership quality, with full-on energy, who always keeps an optimistic attitude. They always have the motto to go the way they know and make others aware of that way like a leader. Leo seeks an adventure to balance the intense life of social obstruction by traveling to relax and luxuriate. They always work with a motto to gain a job title or a workplace status and for this, they are ready to sacrifice their precious leisure time. They are their own harshest critique who sees each day as a challenge which enhances their excellence as it makes them more bright and bold. This makes them come up as more stronger and resilient. It becomes a challenge for them to hear a voice that doesn’t match with their confidence and certainty. They never give up for anything because they carry a 'can do' attitude who never takes no for an answer. Instead of having a roaring personality, they are very kind and polite. But if someone tries to take any advantage of their kindness, then without any hesitation or remorse they can pounce on to unleash on you.

Who is the best match for Leo?

When we are talking about the match then we should consider it based on compatibility Leo sign with different sun signs. And according to this Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius are the best match for Leo sign.

As they belong to the Fire sign, they are more passionate and sincere that their representatives show their feelings with ease and clarity. When they are in love, then they are totally fun, loyal, respectful, and are very generous towards their loved ones.

They have the quality of leading which makes them take the role of a leader in their relationship also, and they strongly depend on their need for independence and for taking the initiative. And this could be tiring for their partner for a while, mainly when they start imposing their desire by organizing things that are not theirs to organize in the first place. People under this sign looks for a partner who is self-aware, reasonable, and have the same intellectual level as them. And to maintain their light, their partner should also feel free to fight and express themselves out otherwise Leo's Sun may burn their personality down.

Aries has the confidence and charismatic attitude which can appeal to Leo's romantic side. Sagittarius is a good match because they are very active full of adventures like Leo. And one can never get bored with Sagittarius. Leo and Sagittarius make an instant connection together that they can feel that sense of compatibility there. On the other side, we are having Libra also who has full grace and charm in them. As Libra's are ruled by the Venus they are more careful about their appearance having their sense of style. And Leo gets attracted to Libra because of this. In a relationship both value commitment. And this makes them a good match for the long term. Leo's are famous for their honesty which helps them to build a strong foundation of love. They start reciprocating when they feel secure in the loyalty and devotion of their partners. Sometimes they get jealous and possessive and it's all because of the insecurity that they feel at the hands of their partners.

Which career best suits the personality of Leo?

Leo sign represents a zeal for life which gives them a voice of authority and confidence which makes them uniquely suited for their profession where they can stand at the center of their work with their talent and creativity making their presence valuable. They always work to conquer all the obstacles to achieve success by rising to its prominence. If there is any sedentary aspect to their work then they can counterbalance it with their other inspirational activities like art and dance.

They may get attracted to the fine arts, theatre, music, dance, and film industry which is a little challenging and stimulates strong expressions for Leo's placement. They feel happy and contented when they go to the field of politics because they always wanted to have powerful positions in the government. They are the great communicator having managerial skills which can allow them to excel as the company's director, chairman, or as a manager. They can work quite well on new projects because they are an excellent organizer and analyzer. Then can also get inclined towards engineering, law, and administrative services, agriculture, architecture, transport, and medicine.

They have the will to earn lots of money as they are considered as the royalty of the zodiac. They can live the best style without going into debt and they can do it without resting for so long as they believe in hard work. They are never afraid to take the charge because they love taking challenges in their lives they just need to feel passionate about the work they are doing.

What is the birthstone for Leo sign?

birthstone for Leo sign

Peridot is the famous birthstone for Leo sign who has a positive influence on their life. Peridot's lush green color helps Leo's to achieve wisdom and understanding by getting in tune with them in a greater sense of their weaknesses. This stone promotes the nurturing and caring features that Leo's carry towards the people they love as this stone makes them more compassionate and generous. It helps them to prosper in their career as well as in their lives also.

This stone has some healing properties also as it helps in the physical problems related to the lungs, respiratory problems, breast tumor, sinus, and cancer.

There are some other stones also like Ruby, Diamond, Sardonyx, and Carnelian, which can benefit the wearers in some ways or others. When someone uses it in a necklace, it acts as a shield against the dark emotions. Astrologers recommend this stone to get away with the anger, depression, anxiety. In a relationship, it helps in promoting happiness, harmony and encourages the use of truth all the time. When one wears it in the form of amulet it works effectively by improving the problem of asthma. It also helps in improving the eyesight and also boost immunity.

One should wear this stone in their little finger and ring finger on Wednesday fixing it in gold and silver metal to access it's energy to the utmost as heart chakra is associated with this pendant. So it also helps in opening the heart also by attracting the abundance, family harmony, and good luck to the wearers.

What is the alternate birthstone for Leo?

birthstone for Leo

Sardonyx, Ruby, Carnelian, and Onyx are the alternate birthstone for Leo.

Black Onyx- This stone is considered as grounding and protective stone for the Leo sign. It helps them to release their stress and negative energy and helps the Leo sun sign to overcome the fear and self-doubt which may hold them back. This gemstone helps to restore passion and personal strength when they feel low. It also provides them the connectivity to the pride and courage of the Leo sun sign which can help them to accomplish the great things in their life.

Carnelian- This stone represents energy which is very similar to the energy of Leo sun sign, which helps them to be the best version of themselves. It promotes passion, vitality, and creativity which helps in improving the sense of their power and brings out in them the confidence and happiness. Carnelian stone helps them to share their generous heart by opening them from within. It works as a remedy for the one who has problems with their sexuality and reproduction. Their energy flows in the bloodstream to the whole body. It helps in aiding all areas of the body of the wearer.

Golden Topaz- This stone is also famous as Imperial Topaz and Yellow Topaz. This stone helps in strengthening the personal wealth of the Leo sign. At solar plexus chakra, Topaz vibrates strongly with an energy that can be used to aid to manifest money and to the will to complete the desire. This stone is very powerful which encourages the inflow of all types of beneficial objects as well as important people into their lives only by wearing it on your body.

Ruby- This gemstone carries the powers of the Sun which affect the lives of its wearer as it helps in transferring the enrich properties of the Sun into the lives of the wearer. One who wears this stone secures the ultimate benefits that are being provided by the sun. It also helps in gaining good health, fortune, wealth, prosperity, and gain in business.

How one can wear this birthstone in the ring,  necklace, and jewelry?

People who belong to the sign of Leo always appreciate the pieces of this stone. If we talk about Peridot stone then it is very famous among all whether you are a man, a woman, or a baby. All kinds of Peridot jewelry looks stunning and dazzling set in as a bracelet, necklace, pendant, or a ring. And it’s very affordable than other costly stones. One can wear it in silver or gold metal to increase its energy.



Zodiac sign Leo has a guiding light of the sun and also the golden glow of the birthstone which helps them to shine with full potency by guiding the wearer to the correct path. Leo signs people embody a royalty with a shining heart of gold and these stones help them to work on their weaknesses to enhance the brightness of the life of the wearer making them even more courageous leader like that of the real lion by bringing a balance in their struggling emotions which causes conflict with others as they have a fit of intense anger which affects their lives. With these gemstones, they can achieve balance and get to their goals more easily.


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