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LIBRA ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality | LIBRA Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai



In astrology, Libra is the seventh zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Venus that symbolizes love, beauty, money, and art. The nature of Libra is the Scale of Balance. The scale is the symbol of Libra. This is the only zodiac sign which is not endowed with person and animals. Libra belongs to the Greek Goddess of Justice (constellation Libra). People of Libra zodiac signs are very pleasant and charming. They are pure, graceful, open-minded fair people. Libras can also be called out of their vanity. They are amazing artists, adore tremendous art, intellectualism with a balanced temper. They patiently deal with everything. They have a great imagination and are full of creativity. Their strength is scale and patience towards their life, through which they easily win anything. But on the other side, Libra is lazy, fickle, shallow, and gets upset easily. Their biggest fear is making the wrong decision. They usually analyze all the decisions they make with every logical aspect. Libra does not like to live alone that is why relationship matters a lot to them. They will do any possible things to make their relationship work. And most important they are afraid of all the ugly side of humans.

Which zodiac sign is the opposite of Libra?

Aries and Libra are directly opposite to each other_180 degrees apart. Aries symbolizes "me" where Libra represents "we". Each zodiac sign possesses some qualities that others lack. Aries represents Self while Libra symbolizes Partnership. Aries is hasty, passionate, always excited to jump right into something new and challenging, while Libra is calm and composed, prefers peace-loving and smooth approach. Aries can learn the patience, calmness, and intellectual approach from Libra. Aries must learn that their way is not necessarily the best. Taurus is the other sign which is the opposite of Libra. But both signs are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love. Taurus sign belongs to the elements earth who are believed to be very tough and highly masculine and are very competitive. While on the other side Libra is feminine who always looks for balance and harmony in life. Taurus is likely to have a hot temper and Libra can help them in cooling it down. Both have a love for materials. They get influenced by the charm of any precious objects. With little effort, they can approach a place of understanding and harmony and can prove it right that opposites attract the best. Otherwise, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius are the best-suited signs for Librans. Libras shows the best compatibility with these signs.

What makes Libra person happy?

On the term of happiness to Libra, freedom makes them the happiest person. Freedom of choice matters to them. They love doing things on their own and obtain things without ever having to wait for them. Libra also likes sharing feelings, they tend to be very outspoken that their thought and talk can rub a lot of people the wrong day. Libras demand space whenever they feel pressured. Libra despises the conflict and confrontation and due to this, it gets difficult for them to show their anger. They love discovering new places and doing adventures along the path. They love shopping for new items for themselves. It brings instant happiness on their face. They love being surrounded by friends and family. For them spending quality time with their life partner is the best thing that they desire most. They love to see people happy around them. Being ruled by the Venus a planet of pleasure and attraction, Libra easily forgives people to sort out the differences in a very smooth way so that everyone can enjoy life without any malice in their mind. And this is the strength of Libra that they balance all the traits of life in such a manner.

If the planet and elements of signs affect its people?

People born between September 23 and October 22, come under the Libra sign. This sign belongs to the group of the air element. This element allows them to breathe in the fresh air as it helps them to brace free rein, freedom, and individuality by removing all the barriers from their way. This sign supports Librans to establish themselves with their own unique identity by freeing themselves from all the systems. Air sign makes people clear with their thoughts and perspectives and allows them to know in-depth the meaning of life.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. Venus is known as the planet of richness and beauty. And with the help of this planet's energy one can improve and beautify their lives as it provides them the different sides of beauty and creativity.

 Libra ruled by Venus has the power of understanding which helps them to get fit in the roles of mediating and negotiating. They hate conflict and always try to ignore any type of confrontation because they are filled with sweetness and calmness which inspires them to trust and helps those who are trying to find a resolution. This ruling planet guides this sign in the field of the relationship increases their interest in love which helps them to sort out those differences coming in their way of love and relationship.

They get attracted to Aries's sign which is ruled by Mars and tries to have a magnetic and attractive connection with them by teaching them liberty, calmness in Aries. And Aries teaches some tactics to helps Libra to treat themselves first with little compromise.

What are the career options for Libra?

As Librans are famous for their art, creativity, high imagination, excellent communicators, and the intellectual level they can excel at any job they want to. With excellent ability to communicate and mediate they can build a good relationship and become easy to gain trust. This helps them to have a successful job in Human Resources Management. They can use their talent in the recruitment process and coordinating a workforce. They can work as a detective and lawyer also. Librans have a passion for justice and a desire to find all about the legal profession. With their high patience and good listening skill, they can help people in finding justice and they are good at gaining people's trust which could be of some help also. They can be a good stylist, interior designer, and event planner. They are very artistic and creative with an excellent intellectual level. They have an eye towards aesthetic beauty. And this quality of theirs makes them even more artists who can find beauty and love in any piece of works and objects. And will allow them to learn and enhance their creativity with more ease. With good communication skills and mediation they can handle a group of people according to their work and can get their project or event done. Librans can excel in the path of career-making when their decision making would be supported by an organization to help themselves in accessing the opportunities for their professional growth with work experience. They have the maximal potential to be strong and productive leaders in their executive lives. They can work well in a group because they are a natural convincing speaker.


What is the birthstone for Libra signs?


Opal is the birthstone for Librans. This stone is famous as the finest alternative of Diamond. It has a beautiful and attractive sequence of colors that strengthen the power of the ruling planet Venus. It's each color has its importance as it's warm orange hues help in improving the digestive system, dark deeper red shade helps in balancing the sexual problems of the body and black color helps in strengthening the reproductive organs. According to astrology birthstones have the power to conduct energies of the ruling planet i.e., Venus. And wearing this stone fixed in a piece of jewelry can help the wearer to use those energies for their benefits. Opal gemstone can give hope to the hopeless one and filling the mind of the wearer with full purity and innocence. Its potent energy brings happiness in their life as it helps in making them more faithful, loyal, and boost up the confidence level of the wearer.

Opal stone has some healing properties also which has been proved very effective in various health issues related to eyes and eye infection and also increases the speed of the healing process. This stone is considered as a lucky charm for Libra signs. If one wants to wear it to use its energy then they should wear it in their index finger in a white alloy or silver on Fridays. Because of all these qualities of this stone, it is called a lucky charm for Librans and now it is highly recommended by the astrologers to work on the negative traits of Librans.

Is there any alternative to Opal gemstone for zodiac sign Libra?

For Libra Peridot, Agate, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline and Sapphire are considered as an alternative to Opal gemstone. All these gems emit unique energies that can match with individual personal energy to support and balance the Librans.

AQUAMARINE- It is a famous Libra gemstone that helps the Librans to open up the mind and also helps to increase their tolerance, and predilection to judge others. As Libra signs are famous for balancing the harmony in life this stone promotes harmony and makes them have trust in their intuitions and this thing helps them to go with the flow. This stone also helps in reducing the arguments which ultimately improves the mental function.

BLACK TOURMALINE- This stone maintains a balance in life by working on peace and protection of the Libra sun sign. It relaxes the mind by releasing out the stress and anxiety, and this thing helps Libras to experience and allow them to have a positive attitude towards their projects. This gem also helps in removing all the negativity from their lives. This stone also opens up the mind by giving them a wider insight to think on.

LAPIS LAZULI- This stone is famous for its energy offering peace of mind and helps in promoting wise thoughts to increase their communication skill in a more effective manner. It also enhances the ability of decision making.

BLUE SAPPHIRE- This stone carries the energies of wisdom, consciousness, and balance. It's originated widely all over the world like in India, Afghanistan, China, Tanzania, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Czech Republic, Brazil. It helps to focus on work and projects by removing the struggle with their self-discipline. It also helps to strengthen their relationship as it promotes loyalty, faithfulness. One can wear it by mixing it with rose quartz which is known as the stone of unconditional love.

AGATE- This stone is originated in many countries like Morocco, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, USA. This stone helps to focus on their goals by maintaining the balance in their mind by enhancing communication skills. And also work in demeaning the anger level.

PERIDOT- This stone is originated in different countries like Brazil, the USA, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands, Afghanistan. Libras struggle to let go of past relationships. Peridot removes the feeling of guilt and also the remorse regarding past mistakes, which can destroy one's relationships at any point. It also increases their worth and also helps them to appreciate every facet of an argument. It opens up the mind to a higher level of awareness.


All these gemstones invoke the thought process and imagination which can help the people born in Libra sun sign to make a fine-tuning with their sensibilities and wit. These gems help the Librans to become more successful when one wears it by following astrological norms. We know that Libra signs are indecisive and this can be improved by wearing stones in the form of jewelry, ring, pendant, or bracelet. One thing that people born in Libra signs should keep in mind is that they must buy all these stones from a reputed and trustworthy dealer. By wearing these crystals one can attain a greater balance in their lives and achieve their goals with ease. 

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