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Moissanite ! it's characteristic and what are the similarities and differences between a Moissanite and a Diamond || || Explained !!

May 2020 | vijay rai


    Moissanite is a gemstone that came from outer space as it was discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona by Henry Moissan, who first mistook it as a diamond.
    As naturally occurring Moissanite is a form of silicon carbide that is very rare in nature that now it is produced synthetically in a lab as a replica and isn’t a natural gemstone.

    Moissanite is the most excellent diamond substitute for people on a budget. Most of us can't see the difference between the two as they are very similar in appearance.
    Some people use it as an imitation of the diamond.

    Why choose Moissanite?

    When it comes to clarity, color, and hardness, it's considered an extremely top quality replica of Diamond. It's much more expensive than Cubic Zirconia or a synthetic diamond product. But it is less expensive than a real diamond. As it's cost range starting from $600 per carate which is much cheaper than a diamond which can cost us $5000-$6000 per carate.

    If we talk about its physical properties then it's important to inform you that its crystalline structure holds a strong covalent bonding similar to that of diamonds, and this property allows Moissanite to hold out against high pressure up to 52.1 Gigapascals.
    On the Mohs scale(scale characterizing scratch resistance of various minerals ) of mineral hardness, it is a 9.5, with a diamond being a 10.
    We know that diamond is one of the hardest substances and here Moissanite's hardness is just below diamond and equivalent with those of cubic boron nitride and boron.
    Sapphires and rubies sit at 9 while morganite, aquamarine, and emeralds are 8.


    It has a color range that is graded on the diamond grading scale from D to K range. Moissanite is also judged on the clarity grade, which should be VF or above, which indicates there are no visible flaws otherwise one can't sell it.

    It's hard enough for everyday wear, and won't scratch or break easily.
    Its refractive index is higher (2.65 as opposed to diamonds' 2.42) that it's spark seems like rainbow flashlight giving an effect of disco balls especially in sunlight.
    There is one point to be kept in mind while purchasing Moissanite and i.e, it's size. The bigger the size the difference is noticeable as it displays fiery flashes under lights, which might not be the look you’re after. To avoid this, one should go for a smaller Moissanite. It's very identical to diamonds.

    Now a question will arise in your mind about how to know that the stone is Moissanite or not. No need to worry, it's simple to verify with Moissanite testers which induces an electric current that passes through the stone measuring how it conducts electricity. It is specially designed to identify whether a stone is Moissanite or not. This tester works on the same principle as electronic diamond testers do.
    It's very suitable as everyday wear by scoring exceptionally on Mohs scale next to diamond. And it resists heat just as a diamond.

    It's important to know about the color of this stone. It is labeled as a near colorless and colorless gem. The historically patent holder Forever One Colorless Moissanite is completely colorless similar to a GIA-certified E-color diamond. These come in a variety of sizes and make perfect jewelry stones.
    Forever Brilliant is a near-colorless Moissanite which discontinued after a time whereas Forever One is Charles & Colvard’s newest, brightest (and truly colorless!) Moissanite. But now many companies have started selling an enhanced Moissanite which means it has gone through a process to make it whiter like a diamond. Otherwise, it tends to have a yellow tint.

    If you are confused about whether to go for Moissanaite Or a Diamond we are here to make it easy for you. So the very first point is if you want to go for eco-friendly and less expensive Moissanite stones then check out  Clear Opal. It offers an affordable and incredible Moissanite stone with brilliant clarity, color, cut, and size similar to Diamond. This gem is a good option that can make any kind of ring or necklace more affordable and just as beautiful.
    As Moissanite is one of the rarest minerals found in nature, we 'Clear Opal' made it our mission to share the rarest beauty and brilliance with the world. We try to deliver you an artistically crafted, and eternally brilliant gemstone.
    One bonus point is there which can clear your confusion. It is less likely to attract grease or dirt than a diamond as it contains some silicon. It means it will sparkle more gorgeously in between cleanings. It is washable with water and little soap to maintain its shine. It never loses its sparkle with time. The clarity and color of the jewelry won't fade through the years.
    If you want to look at Moissanites by yourself in person, then you must choose a reputable Moissanite dealer like Clear Opal who shows you high-quality Moissanite. In this way, you can make an informed decision based on facts and not be guided by false opinions.

    If you want to spend only what you can afford now then Moissanite is a brilliant choice at a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond. One thing you have to make sure that you choose a durable setting for Moissanaite like in gold or platinum as you would do for Diamond. Never go for sterling silver plated in gold or platinum because that's not strong enough to last.

    And there remains a question in our mind regarding an investment while purchasing any jewelry. So, here you are being informed that Moissanite might not retain its value. Unfortunately, a diamond isn’t also an investment and has no inherent value over a Moissanite.
    Unlike gold, Diamonds and Moissanite don't maintain their value.

    Is Moissanite a magnificent cut stone?

    To enhance the brilliance of Moissanite and to increase its spark each stone is accurately faceted. Its artistic cutting causes high dispersion which enhances the beauty of a jewel along with its brilliance. Like a diamond, it can be cut and fashioned into several shapes and jewelry designs.

    Is Moissanaite certified by a gemologist?

    This gem has been certified by a graduate gemologist who is certified by the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America. They look at each stone over very precisely. This ensures the quality of these stones. Whenever we go shopping for wedding sets or engagement rings we must go to a reputable company that offers a superior product at a good price.

    Whether Moissanite's scintillating effect ever fade?

    We can proudly say no. Each gem has a warranty of a lifetime which ensures its brilliance and fire forever. Its color also doesn't change over time. It can get a cloudy effect but one can easily clean it with a block of mild soap and water. And it is good for you as it increases its shine.

    If Moissanite is scratch resistant?

    As this stone scores as 9.25 on the Mohs scale which makes it harder after diamonds, we can say that it is extremely durable. Because of its hardness, it is exceptionally resistant to scratching, breaking, and any crack.

    Who else can purchase Moissanite?

    Speaking both men and women around the world can wear this stone. And if one likes more spark in their jewelry then they can prefer Moissanaite because of its fire and it's the dazzling effect. Whether you have an engagement, wedding, or have to propose someone one can easily go for this gemstone without any hesitation as it is affordable enough maintaining its optical and physical properties next to that of the diamond.

    How we can compare Moissanite with another gemstone?

    Different jewels are boasting there different physical and chemical properties. Moissanite unrivaled fire and spark as compared to other gemstones and jewels, including diamonds is very fascinating. As diamond is being seen as a token of love and romance. Moissanite stone whose chemical composition is silicon carbide, it is taken as a reward for a woman's celebration for any personal achievements.

    Is the difference between the Diamond ring and Moissanite ring identifiable?

    We can say that a normal person can't verify it whether it is diamond or moissanite unless they are any jewelry expert. So it is difficult for a person to recognize the difference between these with the naked eyes. One needs a trained man to point out the optical difference. It is sparky but the small size of its like 1-carat moissanite resembles the same properties as that of the diamond.

    The Conclusion:

    As Moissanite does not imitate the look of a diamond exactly, it is a beautiful, durable, white stone! So, it’s a sound option for those not wanting to purchase a diamond for budgetary or any other reasons. We can help you to have ethical, fancy, and stunning jewelry according to your desire with a wide selection in all shapes, sizes, and bands without paying for the higher cost of a diamond. Before purchasing from a store one must research its prices online to get an idea of how much this stone cost.
    But one must make it clear in their mind that Moissanite is not a fake diamond. It's a real gemstone that looks a lot like a diamond. It stands on the properties of the diamond with an optical exception. So if you are looking for a piece of diamond-like jewelry in your budget then Moissanite is the best option to go for. It's not fake, it's a beautiful stone in its way.

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