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PISCES ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality | PISCES Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai



According to the astrology, Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac born between February 19th and March 20th. This zodiac sign belongs to the Water element along with the other two signs i.e., Cancer and Scorpio. The water sign is about catching the feelings. This zodiac sign is represented by a pair of fish that is ruled by the planet Neptune, which presents illusion, imagination, creativity, and charm.

Pisces are meant to be empathetic, caring, and very emotional. People of this sign are very friendly and always try to make other people around them happy. They show their selfless love towards their friends and families.  They are known as a kind soul, full of compassion, and thoughts who have their artistic and imaginative qualities inbuilt in them with a high intuitive level.  As Pisces is ruled by the Neptune they show their connection with music. With their high intuitions, they are easily able to understand the life cycle and can achieve the best relationship with their loved ones. These zodiac signs are also influenced by the planet Uranus, which is the representative of the martyr, and this makes them even more attentive and attractive. Pisces born under this sign tend to love their wisdom more than anything else and they are a great forgiver. And this shows how tolerant they are who never try to judge people beforehand.

What traits does a Pisces personality have?

They have a very complex personality with both positive and negative qualities. Instead of being very creative and empathetic they can suffer on some points like they are very emotional, closed off and this can hurt their feelings sometimes.

If we talk about their positive traits then it’s important to know that they are very creative of all the zodiac signs, and one can see their creativity in their daily activity also. They are blessed with natural-born imagination and keep themselves open to new ideas and allow themselves to explore a creative path that is always drawn to their arts in some way. They are a good observant carrying far insight, and this quality makes them even more poetic and lyrical.

By nature, they are very empathetic. They are like a therapist for some people because Pisces get themselves easily in tune with their emotions. These people never judge other people based on their emotions. They always try to understand the feelings of others and listen to them with full sympathy. They never show their cruelty to anyone who needs sympathy. But they have one flaw also and that is sometimes they get overly emotional and moody that they can start crying in between any arguments and this habit is not considered to be good at some places.

They are very generous from their heart as they always give importance to the needs of others before their own. The happiness of their loved ones is very important for them. They can do anything to help to solve the problem of the one who they care a lot no matter how hard the path is. For them others happiness comes first, they can do it at the expense of their happiness also. They are a little mystic also, as they have an interest in the field of occult, spirits, and always try to understand each side of the present. This shows their quirkiness. They easily get overwhelmed and swayed by others to avoid arguments that can create a problem for them also.  

People of this sign are very romantic, always wanted to be in love by creating their world full of illusion and feeling to seek pleasure in their psyche. But the negative point is that they keep their feelings closed off to themselves to protect themselves from being misunderstood and mistreated by others. And their generous and kind heart can’t accept being treated badly.

With which sign Pisces show their best compatibility?

Pisces are meant to be very loyal and caring. They are considered to be more compatible with Capricorn, Cancer, Leo, and Taurus. They show less compatibility with the Gemini and Sagittarius. But with their loyal and caring attitude, they can make a relationship work. Pisces can go well with other water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) also as all of them are emotional, secretive, or closed off and will share an intuitive approach to life. Together all three can communicate very well on the emotional ground. Pisces is an inveterate romantic who can do anything to be with their partner by devoting themselves to that relationship. They always look for a serious relationship because they can’t see themselves to be neglected and rejected by the one whom they love. After all, they are very emotional and they easily get attached to the people and start caring and supporting them. So, they need a partner who can handle their mood swings with ease.

Pisces and Cancer are seen as the most compatible sign of all the other signs. Both of them are emotional and sensitive. In a relationship both give value to truth and can show their faith in each other with their great affection and love. One can see passion and romance in their relationship.  They are a great lover of music also so; together they can enjoy every little moment of there in a more relishing manner. Both zodiac signs can share their deepest feelings and secrets because together they make each other feel secured and safe. So, together they can nurture their partner.

If we talk about the compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer signs then you should know that both are just opposite of each other. But as it is said that opposite attracts, here their difference will attract each other and will help them to have a great bond. One is very hard and tough, the other get easily overwhelmed and swayed by the people. But zodiac signs are extremely faithful, caring, and intuitive.

Pisces and Leo are the other couples who are compatible with each other. Leo’s are very brave, optimistic, and loyal by nature and these qualities of theirs attract Pisces a lot. And Leo loves the artistic and loving souls of Pisces who are always ready to help the needy one. But Leo’s are little dominating which can create problems for Pisces.

And if Pisces and Taurus come together they can help each other to bring their other hidden sides out in a very creative way. Both appreciate beauty and art and together they can take their romantic life to an upper level by appreciating each other emotionally and physically.

What are the career options for Pisces?

Pieces are easily adaptable and can work well in a variety of jobs. Pieces understand that self-understanding and understanding of others will help them in choosing the most fruitful career for them. They are great at motivating others which inspires their co-workers but has trouble staying motivated themselves. This lack of motivation hinders Pisces ability to be accountable at work. Pisces are great listeners and have a flair of making people comfortable and understood. They have amazing persuasive skills.

Pisces look for flexible careers, meeting the needs of people or involve nurturing, allow for creative expression, and offer a variety of expression. Music is an effective remedy for them. Because of their natural creativity, Pisces admire artistic expression in the form of music and may rely on it to change their upset mood and breathe life back into their workspace.

There are few career options that Pisces would like to go for:

They can work as a salesperson. Customers rely on salespeople to guide them about products, sales, and promotions, discounts, provides excellent customer services by guiding in purchasing decisions. Pisces can do all of these easily, they meet customer satisfaction which makes them want to come back for more. Pisces are extremely good in this role because they get to help people interact with new faces and cultures and enjoy the fast-paced and diverse nature of sales.

They can be a good visual manager also because visual managers are responsible for what the look of a company or store will be. They are responsible for the aesthetic ambiance of a retail store. They develop and arrange the floor plan of a store and make changes based on seasons and inventory. Pisces flex their artistic skill according to the seasons and enjoy their job by flaunting their ideas.

They can work as a social worker because they are very empathetic and can connect with the emotions of different people. Social workers define social work as a practice based on discipline that promotes changes in society towards the right to growth. Social work is a profession that concerns itself with individuals, families, friends, groups, and communities. Pisces is a natural helper and extremely good at this job but should create professional boundaries to avoid feelings and problems of clients.

Pisces have a unique vision because of their high imaginative power. And with the help of this quality, they can become a good photographer also. With their unique ideas, they can make their click even more effective and attractive because they are the ones who look things from different angles and can use it in their photography also because in photography angles matter a lot. They can enhance their creativity by using high technology.

Apart from all these, they can also try their career as a Production Editor, Filmmaker, Motion Graphics Designer, Clinical Counsellor, and many more with intense creativity.

Which stone is the true birthstone for Pisces?

There are six stones which are seen as the best stones for Pisces and that are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jade, Jasper, and Sapphire. Among them, Aquamarine is known as the birthstone or planetary stone for Pisces. And Ruby is called the Talismanic stone.

aquamarine gemstone for  PISCES

Aquamarine gemstone is ruled by the planet Neptune. There is a belief that this stone emits energy of the planet which helps the wearer to be more faithful, courageous, and friendly. This stone also brings awareness in them and help them to be a good communicator so that they can express their thoughts and be more open to the world. Aquamarine stone helps them in enhancing their intelligence and make them more intuitive. It is said that this stone is very effective in curing the problems related to the throat and helps in relieving anxiety which is the reason for several illnesses. So, this stone helps in bringing harmony and positive emotions in the life of the Pisces.

Jadestone is known as the stone of luck. And it helps to bring happiness and prosperity in the life of the Pisces as it makes them even more emotional, generous, and ambitious. This stone is related to the heart chakra which can help them to increase awareness in them and allows them to have the courage to forgive others.

amethyst gemstone for  PISCES

Amethyst stone is known as an energy carrier that allows the stimulation of love, happiness, and peace in them. This stone helps them on a spiritual level also. This stone can help Pisces to deal with the problem related to money or any legal issues. And it also helps in healing the person from any grief and losses by increasing the psychic powers of their brain. And it also promotes them to be soberer by escaping from bad habits and addictions.

Bloodstone for  PISCES

Bloodstone is believed to bring calmness, regain personal power, and to enhance the skills and creativity of the Pisces by increasing the intuition level in them. This stone also helps in having strong eyesight, and also helps in eliminating the toxic energies from the body. It also helps in healing problems related to blood, kidney, and bladder. It assists the mind which can help them in their decision making.

Red Jasper for  PISCES

Jasper stone is called a stone of magic. This is another famous stone for Pisces which is known to radiate a strong spiritual vibration that can help the person to soothe their nerves so that they can handle their emotions and other problems related to it.


Pisces are known to be very artistic, creative, caring, and emotional. They have a strong understanding of life. These stones help Pisces to express their soul out with the help of the potent energy of their own. It also helps them to manifest their dreams and allow them to understand their intuitions so that they can nurture themselves. Wearing these stones can help them to support each of their qualities by working on their negative sides by guiding them to their personality, relationship, and future success. It helps them to attain their goal of clarity of visions.

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