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SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality | SAGITTARIUS Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai


 Sagittarians sign

In astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius sign comes under the group of the Fire element of the zodiac (along with Leo and Aries). These people are born between November 22 and December 21. According to Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, good fortune, victory, and generosity. So, it's a planet carrying abundant force for good in the universe.

Jupiter is an extensive and powerful energy of achievement and success. Jupiter sign shows us the right path where one can achieve their ambition naturally with ease. So, one can say that Jupiter is an ultimate cosmic career instructor with some pebbles of risk thrown on your way.  This planet prepares the people born in this sign to play with full confidence and come back with a 100 percent result.

People of this sign favor a good lifestyle for better sustenance and are conscious of making money for a better life. When Sun is in Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, they are the luckiest people of all zodiac signs.

What are the traits that affect the personality of Sagittarius Sign?

This zodiac sign is symbolized with an archer that represents their thrill and restless nature who adore hunting a lot. Sagittarians are born as bold, brave, straight forward, and generous. They follow their creative pursuit, living in their own worlds by involving themselves deeply in culture, intellectual, travel, and even self-praise. Freedom is their first priority who follows their own mind and soul and hate being controlled by others. Their self-dependency makes them even more confident which boosts their inner qualities. But their pride and straightforwardness hurt people and sometimes this leads them to fall in an embarrassing situation.

They have one flaw also that they don't think about the consequences before doing things. They just do what they want to do without taking things into consideration. People under this sign are always ready to help the needy one at their difficult times because they can feel loneliness and need and they can't see people suffering at this time. They give their partners a space where they can enjoy their freedom and can learn to defend privacy and their liberty to be themselves. They can be good friends with a good sense of humor who can cross the boundaries in order to test their limits. They know that truth hurts people a lot but they never show their back to it. They always give hands to the truth without noticing it's level of harshness.

When people start understanding them Sagittarians start giving them the full insight into everything with their inquisitive nature that is full of spirit and soul. These people don't deceive their true love and don't even double-cross them instead of having a high intensity of thoughts and emotions stored in them. They are good at recovering their emotions. And they are truth seekers who ignite their passion by warming their soul in their path.

According to their strengths and weaknesses, what Sagittarius likes and dislikes?

Sagittarians are meant to be very generous, humorous, witty, and idealistic. But they have some weaknesses that they don't think before promising the one, they lack patience and never leave saying the truth, and say things no matter how diplomatic it could be.

They love their freedom as it helps them to explore the new world because they love traveling anywhere outdoors. People born under this sign don't like clingy people and hate liars. They are full of energy and curiosity which makes them famous as the biggest travelers among all the zodiac signs. They carry a philosophical view that motivates them to explore around the world in pursuit of a meaningful life. They are open-minded people with full enthusiasm carrying a positive attitude with themselves throughout there. And this enthusiastic nature of theirs helps them to adapt the changes according to the changes with full insight that allows them to transform their thoughts into concrete actions. Like other fire signs, they carry a fire inside them that gives them a full vision to experience the dual nature of the world.

As this sun sign belongs to the fire element with Jupiter by its side as a ruling planet, they are full of enthusiasm with a great sense of humor. One thing that they need to learn is to express themselves and their thoughts in an acceptable manner.

Which zodiac signs suit Sagittarius sign Compatibility:

Sagittarius signs are most compatible with Gemini and Aries. Their relationships are based on loyalty. If one is thinking about the best match for their marriage then you should know that Aries, Libra, Aquarius, and Leo are the best match for them. And they belong to the fire sign which makes them more passionate and severe. They are very expert in suppressing their feelings in front of anyone. And they carry a tendency of getting disappointed and frustrated very easily which shows their poor emotions. If we talk about Sagittarius and Libra, then it's important to know that they are simple, both having a love for fascination, energetic and are very social which helps them to get attracted to the opposite sex.

Together as a partner, they can have a better understanding because both carry an easy-going attitude and are a great lover of Romance that their love for each other will never get dull with time. One is a good observer and the other one is good at keeping a balance between all the things.

Sagittarius Match with Aries

Sagittarius and Aries, are fire signs. Their chemistry seems to be very outstanding and interesting. Both share their feelings about their love for adventure and excitement. Both are independent cherishing their freedom. They can enjoy the stress less life only if they get their problems sorted by any sensible third person. This can help them to forget their fight sooner and easily.

Sagittarius Match with Gemini

These two signs when come together gives many possibilities to their relationship that can help them to bind them with love and laugh. When one realizes the other sign recognizes and both can act with mild heart, with more enthusiasm for traveling to enjoy their life without manipulating and bothering the other. Both signs love to experiment and spontaneity in their life because according to the new experiments can bring more joy into their love life. There are little differences which they can easily make out with.

Sagittarius Match with Aquarius

When these two signs come together friendship comes naturally between them. For both of them loves socializing and enjoy involving themselves in some thrilling sports events. Both are open-minded people who judge fairly and sensibly each other in their relationship. Both love sharing their thoughts and emotions without any barrier. For both of them, it's very important to make a balance in their life to maintain intimacy in their life. But both of them are a little impatient and have a horrible temper and are jealous and very controlling. Both zodiac signs are careless, restless, irresponsible, and most important both fear commitment.

What are the best career options for Sagittarius?

Sagittarius has this quality that they can liven up any work environment according to their mood, whether it's field-based work or remote work. And it is only because of their flexibility in mood and work. They always try to explore the path which frights them the most. As they are extrovert, enthusiastic, and optimistic, they can stand fit in various job roles.

They can be a salesperson, public relations manager, investigator, development officer, travel agent, instructor, brand ambassador, and many more. The sales industry requires people who can interact with the client in a very frank way removing all their hesitation. And Sagittarians are extrovert having the ability to create a positive relationship with the customers.

In public relations managers, they require the one who can think quickly and can work with a strategy in order to make the name of the company. Sagittarians have the quality to interface with the media professionals, stakeholders with their open-minded nature, as they are quick-witted and wise people. As they love exploring new things and traveling, they can go to making a career as a travel agent.

They can try the field of architecture also. To become an architect one requires having high imagination and wondering nature. They must show their creativity by exploring the surroundings according to the need and desires of the client. And Sagittarius sign can do well in this field with their high intellect and creativity and with their love for traveling and exploring things. And because of this love, they can also go for an archeologist job. They are good at communicating which could be the plus point for them to become an n instructor and suit for teaching jobs also.


What is the birthstone of the Sagittarius sign?

Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon, and Citrine are the famous birthstone of Sagittarius signs. All these stones have some energy of their which attracts the power of ruling planet Jupiter to provide the wearer more benefits from the stones.


Topaz- Topaz is one of the most powerful gemstones for Jupiter. It is also seen as a substitute gemstone of yellow sapphire. This gemstone is believed to provide some positive energy. And it's energy helps to achieve success, with the help of healthy prosperous life, gaining wealth by providing financial benefits, and also help in making name and fame in the society. One who wear Topaz, they do not face any financial losses in their business. If anyone is having problems getting married then they can go for this gemstone because it will be very helpful for them as it helps in developing a powerful spiritual understanding. Golden shade Topaz helps in encouraging the individual empowerment, creativity, and authentic expression, and allow them to remember and embrace their royalty. This stone helps in to tune in with themselves. This stone helps in curing many health issues like improves the immune system, protect the stomach, helps in constipation, diabetes, obesity, jaundice, lower backache, kidney problems, joint pain, liver-related problems, and many more. If someone is wearing Topaz then they must wear it by fixing it in the gold ring and the weight of the ring must be at least 5 times the stone you wear. And one should wear it in their index finger of the right hand.


Turquoise- This gemstone is an opaque mineral made from hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It comes in different colors from bright blue to various shades of green. It is said that this stone is one of the oldest gemstones. This gemstone helps us in achieving happiness, good luck with fortune, and success in life. It helps people from various diseases and helps to strengthen the immune system by regenerating the spirit in their bodies. It improves the psyche of Sagittarians by enhancing their intuition level and visions. So, this stone helps the wearer to have a balance in their life by harmonizing their sides.

tanzanite for Sagittarians

Tanzanite- The color of this stone is blue-purple. It has a high potential and vibrations which is used to heal several diseases from its violet flame. It's lovely energy also boost up their spiritual growth and work on their psychic growth also. This stone vibrates within heart and heart chakra which help to feel the power of divine love in their life by resonating their spirits with heart.


Zircon- This stone which is famous as the stone of virtue helps to resonate within all chakras and helps in providing spiritual energy to the wearer by balancing the various aspects inside the body. It might help the wearer in stimulating a higher level of intuition and intellect.



The Sagittarius signs are associated with the liver, the largest organ in the human body so, it is important for the one to take care of any type of ailments. They should work on their immune system by doing meditation and should avoid alcohol. All these stones help the wearer to get rid of these health issues by radiating potent energy with the help of the ruling planet Jupiter. These stones also help in improving their weaknesses by balancing and harmonizing their body with the ruling power of Jupiter. One can wear it according to their needs by working on their weakness. You can wear it in the form of a ring, necklace, bracelet, and jewelry according to the choice and present style.

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