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SCORPIO ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality , SCORPIO Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai


 scorpio zodiac sign

In astrology, Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Mars (also known as Mangal), associated with confidence, passion and self-assertion, aggression, confrontation, sexuality, energy, firmness, ambition impulsiveness and all these makes them unafraid to blaze their chain. In general, Mars governs sports, competitions, and physical activities and represents energy, confidence, and ego.

Scorpio belongs to the water element. Many a time Scorpio sign has been mistaken as fire sign because of its ferocious self-governance. But in actuality, they belong to the water element which shows their deep emotional and sensitive character. Their nature is a little mysterious, which makes them even more enchanting and seductive. The body part that is governed by the Scorpio is the genital area. For them, sex is important but not only for pleasure. They have cravings for sensual adornment, and with physical closeness, they also want the emotional attachment.

How the ruling planet affect the personality traits of Scorpio?

In astrology, the ruling planet shows our desire, sexual energy, and how we argue ourselves. Mars is the ruling planet of the sun sign Scorpio. This is the planet that expresses the energy, confidence, and the inner power of people. This planet helps those who want to achieve their goal by turning their thoughts and plans into action. It emits energy which enhances the concentration level by focusing on their skills and learning process. Mars is famous for its aggression and action orientation. And this feature of Mars is visible in Scorpio signs also as scorpions are little dominant and have a controlling nature and this, in turn, affects their other personality traits. This energy sometimes makes them even more revengeful if someone does wrong with them. Mars also fuel up their competitive nature which needed to be trailed in a positive direction.

Pluto is the other ruling planet of Scorpio. People believe that Pluto is feminine, mysterious, and shadowy affecting the deep intensity of Scorpio. This ruling planet helps them to use their sense of observation so that they can get whatever they desire in every aspect of life. Ruling over the sign of water element Pluto rules on their emotions also. And its deep influence increases their emotions and sometimes disturbs their psyche. Pluto's shadowy and receptive nature also warn them about the coming problems as its energy drives their intuitions to become even more powerful. And this also makes them little sneaky and cunning in some way. Scorpio's two planet influence the life of scorpions in both positive or negative ways, and it's up to them to decide which one to choose. Both planets help them to grow in a harmonious and balanced way in every aspect of life.

How the weakness of the Scorpio sun sign is rooted in their great strengths?

Scorpio's are meant to be very determined and staunched to their work, which may create problem sometimes because of their rigidity and obsession

That it gets difficult for them to adapt to changes according to the uses and desires of the time. People born under this sun sign are patient and assertive but with this, they are superficial also and are slow to trust, they do not forgive others.

They see everything as a  competition. They are famous for their honesty but they don't like to show their weak side to the people. They love keeping their secrets and plans with themselves and this thing sometimes makes it difficult for them to deal with different people with a different mindset. Scorpions are very revengeful because they hold their grudges with them for a very long time. They don't forget the betrayal and do not forgive the one who has betrayed.  They are very dominating in nature. They don't like to be controlled but love imposing their thoughts on other people because according to them whatever they are doing or saying is correct. They are rigid and stubborn also. This stubbornness is good for them in some way as they can stand on their ground very firmly but sometimes it creates problems they are very slow to try the new things and are late to accept the change and don't like a compromise. They carry insecurity with the one who can judge and expose them. They are afraid of betrayal and humiliation from their close ones. And this insecurity increases the anger in them.

What are the career options for the people born under the Scorpio sun sign?

People born under this sun sign are highly determined and committed towards their study and research and have a craving to unleash every facet of life what others might shy of doing. Scorpio signs are very intuitive, creative, stubborn, sensual, empathetic, compassionate, and a little secretive. They give their heart and soul who treat them with love and care. They can do well in the fields of medicine, science, and mental health. They can also work as an engineer, researcher, financial advisor, and marketing analyst. They can do well in the investigation process because they have a deep knowledge of human psychology and understanding. Being a psychologist they can uncover the great complexities of their life. Scorpions are meant to be good with money and are intelligent enough to help the clients identify the problem and meet their financial goals. They are smart enough to analyze the people's demand and market strategy effectively by reading the product and market demand by using their unique perspective.

Which zodiac signs are most compatible with Scorpio?

Scorpio signs are most compatible with water signs and earth signs. Five zodiac signs are most compatible with Scorpio in terms of love and relationship and they are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Scorpions always believe in serious commitment and they show their full passion in love and are always ready to display their heart when it comes to love. For them, loyalty is very important because they can't accept the betrayal. One can count on them whenever they needed them. Combination of Taurus – Scorpio is hard to last long. One will have to work hard in this relationship  Scorpio and Taurus, within the zodiac realm, are pole opposites, which lead them to be fascinated and frustrated by each other! Scorpions adore their Taureans partner's loyalty and stability. Both of them are emotional and can have deep sexual chemistry.

Cancer and Scorpio both belong to water signs, for whom the emotions are very important in a relationship. Both partners look for a long term commitment with their partners. Cancer and Scorpio, both can stand with each other based on trust. They can share there deepest feelings and humiliation by creating a foundation of honesty with good communication. Scorpions and Cancerian, both are highly emotional and have great intuition level. This combination of Taurus and Scorpio are seen as the best combination in the zodiac sign. Both have possessive nature who gives value to commitment.

Virgo and Scorpio, both have different approaches to life but can complement each other with ease. While their differing approaches to life make them an unexpected match, this pair can complement each other perfectly. They can stay focused on their partners as both can help each other to stand on their ground by making each other bold and adventurous. Virgo is reserved and Scorpio is possessive and both can intimidate each other.

Scorpio and Capricorn, both are considered as the most loyal signs in the zodiac, due to this only they can attract each other naturally. They can test their practicality by becoming friends first. And when they start dating each other they are the best couple of all. Both are ambitious, hard-working who value security.

Scorpio and Pisces are the perfect matches among all as both belong to the water sign. Both are very possessive which can make their relationship more strong. For both of them, physical chemistry is very important and can have a great sexual connection.

What is the birthstone of the zodiac sign of Scorpio?


Topaz is the famous birthstone of Scorpio ruled by the planet Mars. This stone is originated in  Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Russia, Africa, Sri Lanka, USA. The personality of the Scorpions is very enigmatic as well as magnetic. They are very emotional of all the zodiac signs which can be balanced by wearing Topaz. This stone influence the mind and the soul of the wearer. Topaz provides constancy, give importance to loyalty and faithfulness, and improves relation with friends and families. It helps in strengthening the mind of the wearer as it helps in releasing the tension by balancing the emotions.

Topaz has some healing properties also which is very effective in some serious health problems related to the specific body parts like genitals, reproductive organs, and the bowels. These body parts and organs are needed with care. Because these organs easily get damaged, inflamed, and are more prone to infection. This Topaz stone helps in guarding and protecting their emotional, physical, and psychic health as it helps in balancing all those weak organs. This stone is also helpful in tuberculosis, asthma, insomnia, blood disorders, and many more.


What are the other gemstones that can impact the Scorpio positively?

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Opal, and Tourmaline are the stones that can have a positive impact on the life of the wearer.


Amethyst – This stone improves the intuition level of Scorpios as it helps them to increase their understanding level to understand the process of life. It supports them to attend the highest level of peace and helps in achieving wellbeing by making them feel more calm and content. This gemstone also helps in removing all those negative energies which may pull them back and protects them from all the mental attacks.


Aquamarine – This stone is known as a water stone famous as the stone of courage and protection. It is a powerful throat chakra stone that helps the wearer to calm down by releasing anger. It is originated in Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Mozambique. This stone helps Scorpio the water sign to come out of the dark and shadowy realm so that they can flow along the stream. It helps in calming the mind of the wearer by removing their great fear and promoting harmony with its peaceful energy. It also improves communication, by revealing all the emotions out setting aside the judgment by compromising on some facets of life. It strengthens the relationship by inspiring truth and loyalty among them. While purchasing this stone a wearer should consider it in his mind that this stone fades in sunlight so, they must go for the deeper color.

Tourmaline -  This stone is known as a protective stone because it acts as a shield against the darkness in Scorpions' life. It helps in removing all the negative thoughts from the mind of the scorpions. By removing all the darkness it helps them to explore their inner power by working on their fear and physical power and improves self-confidence in them. It provides a total balance to the structures of blood vessels and veins by promoting the blood circulation in the body. The Tourmaline Beads also helps in healing the nervous system, especially in the people of Scorpio sun sign.

Opal- It's an amazing gemstone for people born under Scorpio sun sign which is ruled by Pluto. The stone is known as a mystic with healing properties in it. This stone helps the wearer to adapt the change according to the situation by promoting the transition.


 Beryl- This stone comes from the group of minerals. This precious stone is found in a wide variety of colors. The stone brings joy and happiness in the life of the wearer in a solemn manner. It also strengthens the relationship of Scorpions by increasing love among them. One should keep in mind that yellow-colored beryl is the most suitable color for people, and it also helps in enhancing the level of sincerity in a person.



By using all these gemstones, the Scorpion sun sign can attain a greater balance in their life by accomplishing their desired goals and dreams with ease. One can wear these stones in the form of jewelry also by fixing it in a necklace, bracelet, and ring to utilize its utmost power effectively. 

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