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The Emerald Stone Price and buying guide – Quality, Treatments

July 2020 | vijay rai

Emerald Stone - The stone of King

Emerald stone is an interesting mineral variety, Beryl. With colors ranging from bluish-green to green, emeralds are formed from a combination of aluminum, beryllium, oxygen, and silicon elements. The traces of chromium and vanadium found in this stunning rock. That gives it a strong green color while blue is associated with iron footprints.


emerald stone price

Buying an emerald stone can be a fun experience, but it can also be a challenge. And that is why I want to give you some tips so you can make the right decision to help you buy the perfect emerald. 


What is in a name in Emerald?

The history of emerald culture varies from place to place. It is leading to various meanings, but first, get rid of the name.


The name "emerald" comes from the ancient Persian word, translated from Latin "Smaragdus", from the Greek "μσαγδος "meaning" green gem. Roman researcher Pliny first recommended that emeralds belonging to the beryl family of Science prove it in the 19th century.


Emerald represents many things. It symbolizes love, hope, change and growth, unity, and unconditional love. Relaxing colors will provide clarity of thought, distress, and comfort for a tired heart and feelings of sadness. Something that Pliny the Elder recorded in natural history. He mentions the sad effects of these gemstones on the lapidary. It restores their energy and relieves their fatigue by looking at emeralds. Today, green should not only soothe the mind but also soothe the eyes.

Price, Quality, and Value

Emeralds are the most popular members of the beryl family with price increases in size and color. Considering all these factors, the price of small and low-quality emeralds. It can range from $ 10 per carat to $ 50,000 per carat for very clean jewelry. It is common for a large number of emeralds to have inclusions (inner clarity). Also, it imperfections (outer clarity) and these chords, more than any other gemstone. These are more permissible in the case of emeralds.


Color and saturation is an important factor in determining its value. The most important and desirable emerald is the bluish color in medium and medium-dark tones with a clear saturation.

In 2018, 5,655-carat emeralds weighing 2.5 pounds were packaged in Kagem, Zambia, Africa, the world's largest emerald. As promised by Gemfields a British mining company that owns 75 percent of the mines, will be divided between two local lion conservation groups. ; Thus, the large emerald is named "Inkalamu" which means "lion" in the local Zambian language. The emerald stone is estimated to be worth £ 2 million and has been sold to DiaColor, a gemstone from India, for an undisclosed amount.

How is an emerald valued?

The value of emeralds depends on who sells and who buys. Businesses are required to pay a refundable amount for advanced advertising campaigns, luxury location rentals, professional vendor payments, and other fees, such as costs associated with emerald brokers and international traders. Because they do not go to sources like Emeralds & Jewelry Corp v. Of course, business owners want to get back all the money they invested, as well as a good income. Thus, it is reasonable that the price is four times higher or higher than the price of a similar gemstone.

Emeralds are unique among gems because even clouds can be large.

Emeralds are between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000 per carat. A large number of emeralds in the commercial jewelry market today are in the price range from $ 500 to $ 3,000 per carat.


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