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VIRGO ZODIAC SIGN: Characteristics And Personality | VIRGO Horoscope |

June 2020 | vijay rai


According to western culture, there are four elements of nature i.e., fire, earth, air, and water. In astrology, each of these elements has been assigned three zodiac signs. Virgo, the astrological sign comes under the group of Earth sign along with the Taurus and Capricorn. It is believed that the zodiac belonging to this sign is very stable, practical, wise, sensitive, and are completely down to earth. It is believed that this element brings realism to any personality that is counted in it being completely down to earth. These personalities are typically and exactly like the element that incarnates them. Along with this realism, we can also see that they carry the notion of rigidity, lack of flexibility, and toughness. All astrological signs are affected by a planet. And this ruling planet affects the big part of the personalities. Earth sign is being governed by the planet Mercury. This planet is widely known as the planet of communication, where the signs which are ruled by this planet loves to connect to nature, like to meet new people and carry a happening social life. And Virgo signs carry all these qualities in some ways or the other.

People born between August 23 to September 22, come under the group of Virgo sign. Virgos are considered to be the most logical, systematic, and practical in their life, who are unafraid of improving their skills through continuous and consistent practice to make themselves a perfectionist. People of this sign have a longing to be meticulous in all fields. And this longing allows them to deal with the information like a computer where they can transform even the most complex set of information into organized, simple, and clear concepts. People of this sun sign are very kind, gentle, and supportive who solve all the problems with their incredible intelligence and resourcefulness.


The personality traits of Virgo?

People whose birthdays fall under this  Virgo star sign they are the creatures with complex personality traits and characteristics. They are the one who carries a nature that desires to love and be loved. They are famous for their nurturing traits who walk on some strict rules and norms in their life. Their main is to be perfect in everything and whatever they do. They are very inclined towards human welfare causes. These people do not consider their emotions as reasonable, genuine, or relevant. They are a good secret keeper as they do not reveal the secrets right away but a Virgo hates it if someone puts them down, because they consider it as an unavoidable even if it's minor. So, one needs to earn their trust first. These people are meant to be very intelligent because they are lifelong learners. They show their interest in new things, love reading books, and always wanted to explore the new world. Virgos value socializing as well as value their leisurely time. They can put their words in a way to convince someone which makes them come out of any difficult situation, and this quality of theirs attracts others towards their wit and ability. People of this zodiac sign are very logical and firm.

They are seen as virtuous, intelligent responsible, generous, and optimistic.

They seem to be very smart, sophisticated, and kind. They complete their work without complaining about ease.

Virgo sign is considered to be the passionate signs because they are specialized at connecting to their physicality, who loves and celebrates the physical connection with their partner.

People of these signs always work to bring perfection in themselves to make their life perfect and they might go in search of those high standards in other people also.


What are the Virgo traits in a relationship?

In every aspect of life, we need to know the traits of the one we are in a relationship with. And this information can help us in many for making it a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. These people always look for a deep and intellectual connection. They genuinely show their deep interest in the life and interest of their partners by putting their full efforts in knowing their minds. They are very precise in expressing their feelings which makes it hard for them to show their affection.

They are very much compatible with Taurus, Scorpion, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Naturally, people of this sign are very shy and reserved. It's hard for them to open up in front of someone to make new friends. Virgos love connecting with the people which brings comfortability between their friends and family too. They always prefer a stable relationship than having a casual partner. And they needed an awesome communication to give their hearts to them. They always work with an equation that they have in their mind and they expect their partner also to work accordingly. They know the importance of responsibility and understand those traditions which make their mind as dominant as it is. They go in search of a partner who can inspire him, and work hard to remind their hidden talent. They are outstanding parents who always protect their families and child.

Women belonging to this sign are very modest, cautious, smart, practical, and realistic in the relationship. They are more attracted to intelligent men having different personalities. They are very private and defensive and they wanted someone who can respect their defense mechanism and privacy also. For them, personal relations are very important and they are fully devoted to it with full loyalty and trust.

Virgo and Pisces combination does not come in the list of best compatible signs. But instead, this combination shows the best example of how opposites can attract. Because Virgos are seen as a little introvert in life while Pisces is the exact opposite of that sign. But together they can fulfill the qualities which are lacking. Virgo helps Pisces to give their ideas a wing through which they can achieve their dreams and ambitions. In the same way, Pisces helps Virgo by giving them all the love and supports their emotional sides also. So, we can see them together as the best couples, instead of having different personalities.


What career a Virgo should choose?

People born in this sun sign always desires to assist on a practical level. This earth sign always goes thriving for solutions to improve the broken system. They are seen as methodical and practical, they are committed and hard-working and this ability of theirs make them stand as a teacher, healer, editor or musician. They are capable of making great employees. Virgos always work on themselves, to bring more perfection in their work and they have the idea to look at the cure of the problem by reaching the roots of the problems. People of this sign are dependable and determined towards their works. They are more socialized who always take a stand to provide the services to them which make them help humankind and they can do it by becoming doctors, psychologist, or even nurse so that they can serve them fully. These people know to save money as they know the value of each earned money and always put some money on the safe side.


Which stone is the true birthstone for Virgo?

red jasper rough stone

This zodiac sign includes five stones i.e., Carnelian, Jade, Jasper, Moss Agate, and Blue Sapphire. From all these five stones Blue Sapphire is considered to be the true birthstone for Virgo. Along with these Citrine stone has been listed as the Planetary stone and Zirconia as Talismanic stone.

The gemstone or birthstone Sapphire is meant to radiate the energies of the ruling planet Mercury. When someone wears this jewelry containing the gemstone, it focuses on the energies of the planet Mercury and signs through the gem.


What are the properties of the Sapphire?

 properties of the Sapphire

Sapphire stone is also known as the sister of the ruby stone helps them to be more truthful and makes them more sincere and helps in achieving the constancy in their life. It's energy act as giving a second sight which helps them in interpreting difficult situations with ease. The blue color of this stone is a representation of many powerful and evocative symbolism. It represents the color of the skies and these stones help in mirroring the importance of virtue, truth, and loyalty. This stone carries some healing properties also. It is believed that this stone is very effective for the health issues related to inflammation and lowering fevers, cancers, burns, and hearing problems and can also help to improve brain power, memory, and intelligence.

Birthstone for Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Sapphire stone has its unique features whether it is related to color, crystalline structure, and abilities. It is believed that this stone influence both negative and positive traits of human personality born in this zodiac sign.

Sapphire is a stunning birthstone gem with a range of advantages to those born under the zodiac star sign of Virgo. They’re valuable, intense, and startling in their color. A perfect fit for an exacting perfectionist personality of thoughtful Virgos.

It also helps those students who can’t score well as this stone improves the concentration level and enhances the wit,  wisdom, and intelligence level of the wearer. This stone is also helpful for those who are childless. One can wear it with the gemstone Emerald which is seen as the gemstone of mercury, the ascendant Lord because it increases its power. To use its energy to the fullest one can wear it by fixing it in silver metal between the 9 AM to 10 AM.


What is the other alternative of this birthstone for Virgo?


Jade, Jasper, Moss Agate, Carnelian, and many others can be worn out as an alternative birthstone for Virgo.


Jade- Green Jade is also the birthstone for Virgo. This gemstone helps in encouraging them to take responsibility for their happiness, finances, and dreams. This gem is known as the Sovereign for Harmony because it helps in bringing harmony in the family, relationship, and work and helps in balancing the different aspects of the emotional, physical and mental sides of humans. One can wear this gem Green Jade in the form of necklace which helps to encourage the physical and emotional wellbeing in them.

Green Jade Tumble stone 

Jasper- Red Jasper is famous as a nurturing crystal which is believed to bring comfort, tranquility, and wholeness at the time of stress in the life of Virgo.

This gemstone tends to promote good organizational skills and also the problem-solving abilities in the wearer.

Red Jasper stone is considered as the Stone of Endurance because it’s energy brings a soft but a for sure life force which helps the wearer to infuse the strength, stamina, energy, and focuses on a given work.

When people born in Virgo has negative thoughts in their head, Jasper works as a reminder to reconnect with the earthly nature.

Any person of Virgo sign who wears it must carry it for a long time because it has a low burn type of energy.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate- The stone whose origin is in  Australia, India, USA, comes in different colors like Green, Blue, Brown, Red. It works in the chakra of heart and base. It helps the Virgos to enhance the honesty in them by allowing them to speak the truth with the help of its nature’s nurturing presence in it. As it resonates with heart, it helps in maintaining the health issues also by calming and bringing the grounding energy in the life of busy Virgos as it keeps them in contact with their hearty emotions. One can keep it in their garden also because it helps in promoting new growth.

Carnelian- This gemstone is considered as the traditional zodiac stone of the Virgo sun sign. It helps the people to connect their devotion and thoughts into a positive manifestation as it helps the wearer to keep themselves motivated and focused all along the way which can help them in getting success. And due to this creativity and vitality of this stone, it is seen as a lucky stone also.



All these gemstones are beneficial stones for Virgo. The birthstone works on the weaknesses of the Virgo sign and motivates the wearer to strengthen their ruling planet i.e., Mercury to work as a benefactor as stones energy helps them in diverting the planet’s positive energies into their lives. With the help of these stones, they can enjoy tremendous success.


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