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What is amber ! is it even a mineral or not !

May 2020 | vijay rai

Amber gemstones and it's uses !!

The yellow gem is a fossilized tree resin, which has been cherished in color and natural beauty since the Neolithic era. Highly regarded from the past to the present as a precious stone, yellow is made in various decorations. Amber is used in jewelry. It is also used as a healing agent in traditional medicine.

Amber is one of the few gemstones that is technically not considered a mineral. Made from the basic resin dating from ten to hundreds of millions of years ago, it is classified as an organic gem. Because it's very possible that he found an insect in amber stone. Unlike most rocks, this mixture can add significant value to the amber value - especially if it is a plant or insect trapped inside it. Becoming organic crystals, amber requires special care and simple handling. The amber stone is soft and easily scratched. Amber can be confused with Citrine, fluorite, meerschaum, Onyx, and Ambroid marble. 


Types of Amber:   

Amber is a beautiful gemstone with warm colors, pleasing glow, and incredible violations. It comes in a unique color tone. Some popular types of Amber are mentioned below.


Yellow Amber: 

The naturally transparent Yellow Amber stone is amongst the most valued and highly popular varieties. They are mostly resourced from the Baltic region of Russia, Denmark, Latvia, etc. Bubble inclusions are quite common in this type of amber. In trade, the deep yellow or slightly golden colored gems with minimum inclusions are preferred over pale amber pieces. One can find a good collection of Yellow amber gemstone available for sale at highly reasonable prices.

Yellow gemstones are the perfect addition to any type of jewelry design. Yellow diamonds are a popular choice for those who can afford them, but for those looking for something more affordable, there is no shortage of options. The quartz gemstone family offers two extremely popular choices including lemon quartz and November's birthstone, Citrine. The topaz family also offers yellow gems in the form of (precious topaz), and (Imperial topaz).

Luxury yellow sapphires are often used for high-end jewelry and are expensive, but they are reasonably priced compared to the price of yellow diamonds. There are many good choices in harder gems such as beryl (heliodor), tourmaline, and chrysoberyl. Other notable yellow gemstones to consider include sphene and sphalerite, both of which are known for their fire and brilliance, as well as Mali garnet.


Blue Amber stone: 

This is one of the most popular yellows. It came exclusively from a mine in the Dominican Republic. This is probably why the Dominican blue gemstone is so much appreciated. If you are ready to buy Amber Blue online, contact us. We will be happy to respond to your request!

Yellow crystals promote flexible thinking and adaptability. This is useful for people who need intellectual work. Amber blue has been widely evaluated by authors and researchers. Bluestone also helps people manage design and art.


Red Amber:

This yellow-red stone is commonly called "amber cherry". Many of these colors are admired for their delicate red color. Yellow crystals are rarely found in the market and are mainly used for pearls and bracelets.


White Amber:

This is another exclusive color variation also known as bone amber and is appreciated for its unique texture and color. White amber stone is used with jewelry to design unique pieces.


Amber gemstone sources:  

The most popular amber comes from the Baltic states, Poland and Russia, and is also found in the Dominican Republic, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United States. You can find our interactive map of gemstones worldwide.


Amber treatment:

Sometimes yellow is heated to create a deeper (darker) color or heated with oil to remove darkness. Heated amber crystals often contain highly reflective crystals, such as inserts called fragments. Hot needles are used to distinguish yellow from synthetic. The original amber crystals will produce smells like incense, while the plastic will melt and display a black mark.


Amber gemstone in jewelry:

Amber has been used since ancient times for jewelry and religious purposes. Baltic amber is the most widely used gemstone material. Today, amber is used in all kinds of jewelry, including pendants, rings, pearls, and bracelets. It should be noted that amber glass and plastic imitations also contain small pieces of amber that can be heated and pressed together (this is called an embryoid) to create larger pieces of gemstones. The practical test for identifying the actual amber is to destroy a small piece of amber and burn it. Real amber has a sweet scent when burnt.


Amber gemstone healing properties and benefits:

Soothing, calming, cleansing.



Cleanser of all chakras

Lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful yellow gems are also known for their incredible healing abilities and metaphysical properties. This gemstone is considered a natural remedy and has been used to cure various ailments from arthritis to arthritis and depression.


Brings Mental & Emotional Peace:

Wearing a yellow stone will help people overcome psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, fear, or stress. This amber is considered very useful for pregnant women and medical or healing professionals.


Treatment of body diseases, endocrine disorders, and indigestion:

Gem Therapy provides deep confidence in the benefits of amber for the rapid recovery of medical conditions such as hyacinth, headache, tension, yellow fever, excretion, etc. Yellow crystals are considered an effective remedy for arthritis sufferers or infants undergoing painful dental procedures.




Treatment of Amber :

The Vienna amber mill, which uses pale amber to make pipes and other smoking equipment, transforms it into a milling machine and polishes it with bleach and water or stone and rotten oil. The final luminosity is provided by the flange friction. As the oil bath gradually heats up, the yellow becomes soft and delicate. Two pieces of amber can be combined by coating the surface with hemp oil, heating it, and then pressing it hot. Cloudy amber can be clarified in oil baths, as oils fill many pores where turbulence is present.

The pieces are heated carefully except air, then compressed to the same mass with strong hydraulic pressure, softened amber forced through a hole in the metal plate. This product is widely used in the manufacture of cheap jewelry and jewelry. The amount of pressed amber produces beautiful color interference in polarized light.

Yellow is often imitated by other resins such as cauliflower and kauri, as well as by celluloid and glass. Baltic amber gems are sometimes made, but they are also called (True Amber).


Who Can Wear Amber gemstone?

Amber is a charming natural gemstone that has been used by all ages for centuries. This popular gemstone has a long history in many cultures because of its use of mysticism and aesthetic appeal. It is regarded as a fortunate gem of good fortune, intellectual ability, and good health. Because of its gentle and soothing nature, it can also be used by pregnant children and women.



What are amber gems?

The yellow gem is an ancient gem and has been valued since ancient times. The most common color of amber pearls is yellow-orange called amber. Yellow is generally natural and is generally not treated. However, some amber is formed by combining smaller pieces of amber by heating and shaking them together.


Is Amber a stone explain?

Yellow stone is a fossil-based rubber, which has been cherished in color and natural beauty since the Neolithic era. Great value from ancient times to the present day as a gemstone, yellow made of various ornaments. Yellow gems are used in jewelry.


Is Amber a gemstone?

Amber is considered a gem because it shines and shines when polished, but amber is not a gem. This is a hard resin of some ancient tree species that has been secreted for thousands of years. Its unique characteristics, yellow have been decorated and studied continuously for centuries.



The quality of yellow gems depends on the source, color, clarity, shape, and presence of unique combinations, such as leaves, insects, etc. From an astrological point of view, quality depends more on transparency and less on color. Clean original amber with bright golden yellow is considered to be the best quality amber for astrological use.



Natural yellow gems are obtained from mining sites in Russia, the Dominican Republic, Burma (Myanmar), Mexico, Italy, Germany, Africa, Indonesia, etc. The Baltic yellow gems from the Baltic countries of Russia are very popular because of their rich color, natural beauty, and high succinic acid content (hence the name 'succinite'). Burmese Amber ((Burma), African Amber, Simetite (Sicilian amber Italy), Indonesian Amber, and Dominican Amber are other popular options.



Yellow jewelry can be completely transparent. Natural transparent amber is less common and is considered fair. Most contain inputs such as gas bubbles, flow channels, solar flakes, etc. The presence of invisible insects or trapped plants adds an attractive element to the amber and makes them invaluable.



The yellow color varies from light yellow to dark brown. Orange and light yellow are considered preferred for astrological purposes. Yellow, blue, green, and white gems are also found in nature but are extremely rare.



Due to its tight nature, amber is usually polished in a loose form to prevent damage to natural beauty. The perfect spin and oval yellow gemstone are a bit unusual but still very popular.


Amber stone Price:

In the gem industry, what looks more beautiful and unique is of higher value. The same goes for amber prices. Amber gem price increases are more attractive and unique. According to gemstones, the presence of unique objects such as prehistoric insects and twigs adds an interesting element and thus enhances the value of amber, overall. Origin, color, clarity, shape, and size are other factors to consider when choosing a yellow gemstone price.


Chemical Formula

Approximately C10H16O / mixture of various resins


Yellow, brown, red, green, orange


2 - 2.5 on the Mohs scale

Crystal System


Refractive Index

1.539 - 1.545


Transparent to opaque




Conchoidal, brittle



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