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What is Citrine stone and why do we call it Upratna?

May 2020 | vijay rai

Citrine stone

Citrine stone (meaning Sunela in Hindi) is a characteristic stone. As indicated by the Vedic crystal appearance. This gemstone is worn as a slit (Upratna) in the Zapata stone of attraction to capture wealth. Great economic prosperity, higher information unreality in your kindness can't touch Euphoria. This is the November birthstone in the crystal clear. The citrus and stone figures are the opposite or bright yellow quartz. Thus, it may not be near enough, it is also liable to the name, derived from "Citrus". It comes in a variety of colors, dark orange. Why Citrine shade is not possible because of the added iron. Which is very expensive for silicon dioxide recipes. The group is opposed to the Crystal crystal quartz, which is Citrine Quartz. Otherwise known as lemon quartz or cognac quartz, topaz Brazil. The characteristic citrus stone is generally a light yellow, tweet not uncommon. Most of the citrines available are heat-treated amethysts. The nature of the citrus stone is not uncommon. The best material is found in Brazil, Spain, and Madagascar in the past USSR. Citrine stone is used to associate with topaz sometimes called Brazil topaz. The Indian crystal rock connects Citrine (Sunela Rashi ratan) with the generous and generous planet "Jupiter". It is said that wearing a non-standard Citrine stone of good quality strengthens Jupiter in the wearer's horoscope and leads an individual supplement. That can be information, which is perspective, which is a good budget, or what controls it? Is changing Citrine Ratna for Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) di Meena (Pisces). The crystals in the west suggest the Citrine stone is a sign of Sagittarius. The ring can be used with Aries Citrine gemstone.


Citric kidneys stimulate all stages of life. It cleanses the chakra and opens up the habit. Orange stones are rich, grow, and become a reality. It brings shame, wonder, excitement, and joy. Increase confidence and self-confidence. It stimulates the mind, strengthens the spirit. The process of repair and the brain has changed. It produces negative emotions, desperation, and fear, and fear, Real improvement. Citrine stone also circulates in decomposition and helps balance the synthetic properties of the body. It is very effective in the treatment of diabetes, stimulates the assimilation, spleen, and pancreas. Kidney disease and bladder are invalid. Kidney citrus contributes to eye problems, improves blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, works in the thymus, and equals thyroid.

Description: -

Citrine stones are described as "cheap yellow quartz resembling topaz". Amethyst and Citrine are two types of quartz, one of the most known minerals in soil cover. The normal saturation and consistent quartz make it the most used of all diamond minerals. Citrine stone is the most well-known reference of course to a variety of colored quartz that is light to medium yellow. This is a contraceptive for pregnant women in November. Citrine stones have been highlighted on various occasions such as yellow, green, light yellow, or orange. Citrine gemstones are a variety of quartz that change from yellow to dark due to iron pollution. Ordinary citrus stones are unusual; most commercial oranges are heated by amethyst or smoking pint. But, the heat-treated with gemstones will have a smaller line on the gem than the Citrine stone feature or dark appearance. It is almost impossible to separate pieces of Citrine and yellow topaz on the outside, but they differ in their hardness. Brazil is a major producer of Citrine, with some of its creations originating in the Rio Grande, do Sul region. The name comes from the Latin word citrines which means "yellow" and also the root "lemon". Citrine and amethyst can be found together in the same rock, called Ametrine. Citrine stones are called "ship stones" or "square stones", because of superstitions that will bring prosperity. Citrine rocks were first discovered as yellow gemstones in Greece between 300 and 150 BC, in Hellenistic times. Yellow quartz stone was before used to decorate precious stones and tools, but it has not been studied in depth. Most of the citrus stone comes from Brazil. Common Citrine rocks are also found in the Ural Mountains in Russia, Dauphine, France, and Madagascar. Citrine quartz rocks are found in many countries, including Bolivia, Russia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, and the United States. Among all the collections of this birthplace, Brazilian Citrine stone has a good sense of humor as most Citrine jewelry from Brazilian mines has incredible color and clarity. Some more high-quality material comes from local African mines.

Citrine stone

Value: -

Citric stone (yellow type quartz mineral species) is a semi-precious stone, called Sunela in Hindi. Citrine gemstone is valued for its high transparency and accessibility Citrine stone starts at around 500 rupees / - ($ 8) per carat and rises to 2,000 rupees / - (($ 30)) per carat with quality. Currently, the cost of Citrine stone in India varies from Rs 125 per carat (about $ 2) to Rs 400 per carat (around $ 6).


Citrine Benefits: -

Citrine is the stone of integrity, success, and growth. Citrine stones maintain a negative atmosphere while maintaining a positive mood. This contributes to the motivation for sustainable development. Citrine stone is an incredible revolutionary condition of heavy lifting devices with detoxifying effects. Citrine supplements help overcome phobias, fears, and nightmares. Citrine is a wonderful stone that gives you happiness, strength, hope, and warmth. It improves joints and imagination. For hundreds of years, the Citrine stone has been known for its miraculous properties and powerful healing properties. The Citrine stone has been popular for many years. It is well-appreciated for its irregularity, but it stays in the back seat. The ancient Romans also used it to create elegant gems and art in the intaglio. As a feature of the latest models, jewelry makers today use large, visible diamonds in several pieces, to provide a variety of knitwear to earn money. Besides the penetration of efficiency and modest cost, the advantage of Citrine gemstone is that it attracts wearers and makes them attractive. Because of its connection to the intelligence and wealth of the planet, it is acknowledged that Sunela Stone has benefited experts and entrepreneurs who are experiencing real financial difficulties, unwanted costs, and illusory failures. It offers powerful surveillance and insurance capabilities, in a way that makes money management easier. Citrine drives your pessimism away. It has deep intrinsic qualities that stimulate positive energy and reduce frustration in consumer life. He supports the expansion of surveillance with increased credibility and assurance. It is a stepping stone to achieving what has been achieved and prospering. It is a stepping stone to achieving what has been achieved and prospering. Thus, it is called "success stone". This is a good indicator of wealth and karma. Citrine does not assimilate negative vibrations when disposed of. In line with this, it stimulates the energy around and influences new hopes. It cleanses the negative energy of our environment and our relationships. As long believed, wearing Sunela stones will influence the wearer's learning and scientific abilities. Thus, this stone is considered very important for sub-studies, expert reviews, and people preparing for government work and serious testing. The positive energy of Sunela's gemstone is beneficial to individuals in unpleasant relationships. The benefits of yellow oranges can also be experienced by married people who are difficult to consider young people.


Quality: -

Colour, credibility, cut and start are four important quality factors that should be considered when purchasing quality Citrine gems on the web or from your nearest supplier. The mysterious, special, refined, and not heated yellow gemstone is considered to be the best quality of Citrine gemstones. Bright yellow Citrine is generally considered appropriate for prophetic use. We can also consider the features of Citrine gemstones in the color of the yellow without the desired color. In the market, Citrine-free gems are available in many colors with unique names, for example, 'Lemon Quartz', 'Lemon Citrine', 'Smoky Citrine Quartz', 'Lemon Green Citrine', 'yellow purple' Madeira Citrine 'and' Champagne Citrine 'and so on. In general, we recommend that our customers ignore luxury names and continue to choose the bright yellow functionality of the shiny yellow Citrine with constant uniformity and simple immersion. For celestial use, citric stone with the canned disease must be avoided.



Citrine is awarded a type I diamond that shows that it must be clean for the eyes. Special combinations of ns, such as negative gemstones, two levels of consideration, relative liquid mixing, and cracking can be found in low to moderate quality rocks. For visual purposes, we generally recommend that buyers rely on straight Citrine stones with the least error. Citrine is available in various forms (circles, ovals, emerald, square, trillion, pear, etc.) and pieces (princess pieces, tampon sheets, rotary). The selection of pieces is often associated with a size. It has nothing to do with the astrological nature of gemstones. This way we can encourage our users to choose the one that gives the best color and improves the elegance.

Citrine is used for what?

As well as other yellow gems, citrus fruits are used to treat bladder disease and asymmetric thyroid properties. Citrine has significant value in deepening the body. As it is an incredible chemical and regenerative. It offers self-control, motivation, and personal growth.

What are the benefits of citrus?

It removes the chakra and opens up the spirit. Citrine attracts wealth, flourishes, and wins. It delivers fun, wonders, fun, excitement, Confidence, and courage to increase.

What does Citrine represent?

What is a symbol of Citrine? From the beginning of time, orange has been appreciated for its efficiency and beauty. They help us remember the warmth of the sun and the emptiness of life. Their bright yellow shines and sparkling clarity communicates with their healthy brain and body such as happiness and success.

What is Citrine made from?

Citrine is a yellow quartz mineral to the soil. It is used as a gemstone, so gemstone is the most important quartz diamond. Most of the citrine is framed by heat treatment with purple accents. Citrine can also be made by heating the smoke quartz process from a specific area.

Which hand do you wear Citrine wrist jewelry?

Use this site! Another principle of support is to wear a Citrine bracelet with a hand you cannot write, called a hand of disbelief.

Which finger should Citrine use?

After doing something like this, it is acceptable to get the most extreme benefit of this gemstone. Citrine can be used as a ring or pendant, ornamented with gold. Besides, this can also be defined in Panchdhatu. The Citrine ring must be worn on the right indicator.

Is Citrine expensive?

Citrine is a very simple stone, and all ranges are inexpensive. It is often confused with yellow-orange topaz, which is similar in color and body. Topaz is the most important gemstone, and sellers always sell Citrine called topaz.

Where's a good idea to put my gem?

Be sure to place your gem in a great location. For example, a dining room, front room or main street table, your snowshoes, and of course, your place. Learn the nature of Feng shui gemstones and bring them to your home.

What is the main characteristic of citrus fruit?

Citrine enhances inspiration, stimulates the imagination, and supports self-articulation. Increase focus and make your soul happy. It shows negative nature, despair, fear, and fear. Correct change.

Does orange work?

Precious stones like Citrine make money because Citrine is known as treasury, success stone, and merchant stone, and will have the same vitality as the sun. Citrine will have the opportunity to improve relationships with individuals and assist in the cash trade.


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