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Why do we use Amethyst stone in jewelry?

May 2020 | vijay rai

Amethyst stone 

Quartz crystals in the shade of purple or light purple are called gemstones. Stones that are used to protect against poisoning and to spread conscious and serious spirits. Amethyst is dichroic, showing blue or reddish color when viewed from different angles. Usually, in stone form or cut in stages. The wreath has a unique insert that resembles a strip of tiger, thumbprint, or feather. Some joints are heated by heat to change the color to yellow, producing orange. The cobblestones are found in alluvial deposits or a geode. Some of the largest amethyst stone containing corms are found in Brazil. Ural (Russia) gemstone has a reddish color; The Canadian connection is purple. Other locations include Sri Lanka, India, Uruguay, Madagascar, the United States, Germany, Australia, Namibia, and Zambia. Low-quality materials are often dried to produce pearls. If the gem is pale, it can be placed in a closed frame or placed behind aluminum to enhance the color. Amethyst is in the form of glass and synthetic corundum. Amethyst is a multicolored purple quartz 9 ((SiO2)) due to its illumination, iron impurities and in some cases with other metal transitions, and in the presence of other oligos. Element, leading to the replacement of the crystal lattice complex. Mineral hardness is similar to quartz, making it ideal for use in jewelry. Gemstone crystals are one of the most popular Amethyst gemstones. It has been considered important in ancient times. Its name comes from the Greek archipelago, which means "not drunk". Since antiquity should have prevented poisoning. Connected stone was once considered one of the precious stones such as ruby ​​and emerald. But the discovery of large amethyst stone deposits since 1800 has made it cheap and very affordable. The color ranges from light purple to dark purple, and light purple is the most popular. A gemstone is a variant of quartz mineral purple and is the most popular and important variant of gemstones. The quartz also contains other gems such as citrine, rose quartz, and smarty quartz. The color of the joints is often caused by iron impurities, although it can also be colored by natural radiation exposure. Rocks are sometimes heated to deepen their color or convert it to citrine. Some forms of lacquer can also be light green when treated with heat. These rocks are called Prasiolite, or green lacquer, as they are more popular in the commercial field.

Amethyst gemstones



The gemstone is the birthplace of the moon for February. It is a quartz variety that carries incredible colors ranging from dark and red to light purple. Cornerstones are different types of purple quartz minerals. This is the gem most often associated with purple, though there are other purple gems like sapphire and tanzanite. Purple can be fresh and blue or reddish-purple called raspberry. Purple can vary from light purple to dark purple and serious, and from brown to bright. Amethyst stones generally have what is called color zoning. That is the case of glaciers generally ranges from darker corners to lighter shades. The general amethyst color is royal, rich purple. It is available in all colors of purple, purple, and fog. These are different quartz, the most expensive variety. The purple color of the gemstone comes from the iron impurities in it. Amethyst stone is a favorite for unique colors not found in other loose gemstones, high transparency, and ability. Reddish purple is considered the best of all your color. According to Indian Vedic astrology, the worm is also considered a substitute for soft sapphire. In Hindi, it is called the Amethyst stone - "Katella". At one point in history, gemstones were rare and thus worth ruby ​​and sapphire gemstones.


Price: -

Amethyst stones Price range starts at Rs. 500 / - & ($ 7) per carat and up to Rs. 1500 / - ($ 21) per carat per color quality, clear, cut, shape. As a durable gemstone (Moh - 7 hardness) and abundant in nature. The gemstone is used in jewelry on a commercial scale. The price of the beads is influenced by color and less by other factors. But the origin, the deduction, and the clarity have a certain effect on the price of the toothpaste. The price of perforated gemstones in India usually ranges from 150 starts ($ 2) and can increase up to 400 ($ 7). Buy Amethyst gems online for the best price.



If you are looking for a great healing stone circle that will benefit you, mentally, and dentistry is the stone for you! Connected stones are one of the strongest crystals. It sends negative and unbalanced energy, bringing them

back to their natural state. Amethyst gems balance the mind, body, and soul, connects them, and determines your body for well-being. It cures serious emotional and mental trauma. Amethyst is a therapeutic gemstone, which relieves tension and general detoxification of the body and mind. It is often used to target addictive behaviors and anxiety. Connectivity brings inner strength, creativity, cleanliness, courage, and serenity to the wearer. We can use joints to optimize the performance of the endocrine system which includes the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland, pineal body, reproductive gland, and pancreas. Amethyst gems are used in jewelry because of its color and high transparency. Cornerstone is used for its benefits in astrology and healing. Amethyst is known for its healing properties. It drives creative thinking. It is effective in healing insomnia, relieving stress, migraines, and headaches. Amethyst is useful in career growth, promotion, and legal disputes. Since ancient times, Amethyst gems have been used to drop addictive tendencies. People who are addicted to smoking, alcohol addiction, and drug addiction rely on this stone to end this practice. The connection can revive unexpected opportunities, thereby helping consumers regain material and financial comfort and repair lost or broken relationships.

Amethyst stone

Quality: -

Currently, the best quality gemstone is extracted from Brazil. The superior Amethyst gems quality has rich color and high transparency. You will not find rough eye composition in a high-quality gemstone. Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical illness, emotional, energy healing, and chakra balance. Gemstone therapy is related to physical disorders of the nervous system. It cures nightmares and insomnia, and crown disc balance. In today's world, the stone is still a great source of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical ability to think and inspire a better state of meditation. The high-frequency nature clears the aura of any negative energy or bond. It creates a light protector around the body, allowing it to remain clear and cantered while opening its spiritual direction. The Amethyst stone promotes the third eye, the etheric crown, and the chakra which enhances the cognitive perception and accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. It starts with better wisdom and understanding and is a comforting stone for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. The connected stone weighs 7 Moh size. Amethyst is anisotropic double refraction. The average index range (RI) is 1.544 to 1.553 and the specific gravity (SG) is 2.65. Usually, the links have fewer letters. The best quality connections come from Africa and South America. The gemstone is widely used in jewelry because of its unique color, high transparency, and affordable price.


Sources -

Coal mines have been found in Russia, Zambia, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. But, the purple color rich with African curves makes it very popular. Zambia and Brazil amethyst are other popular sources of color for their rich saturated purple raspberry color.


Colour and clarity -

The color range of the color changes from light purple to light purple. The best quality amethyst has bright saturated purple and no color zone. Amethyst gemstones cannot be too bright with low or dark-color water until they turn black in poor lighting. Also, note the brown area and its color as it may reduce the quality and value of the beads.

 The gemstone is classified as a type 2 gemstone according to the standards of clarity, indicating that the corals are naturally cleaner than other gemstones. But, every time there is a capstone cap a needle or tape is forming a line. Clear connectivity stones with no connection appear lighter and color than transparent stones. As a general rule, the fewer violations, the better the quality of the tooth. Because they are simple and affordable. It is not advisable to compromise on this aspect of clarity when buying online or from a seller.

What is the difference between a green gemstone and a purple gemstone?

The actual gemstone is green quartz. The quartz purple amethyst. The heat-treated green quartz has its name, Prestolite. The second reason is that many people consider gemstone as one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones. Because they do not consider quartz stone very special.

What is the best source for astrology?

African amethyst rocks are considered best for astrological use because of their strong and true purple color. But, due to the high quality of Brazilian and Siberian amethyst, they are also wearable.

Where do I put it? 

The best amethyst group is located in your home area where it can help. This could be a fireplace, your shelter, or an exhibition in the living room or office closet.

 Is the gemstone a lucky stone?

Need the wealth of Amethyst stone to realize your dream? Amethyst is believed to be a "talisman of success," among others, and will also be useful in creative endeavors, as it eliminates and concentrates.

Can someone use a hook?

It is one of the healing stones for calming and protecting the mind. Bracelets offer many benefits to the wearer, but it is possible when the wearer uses the Amethyst gemstones with all the right methods to wear them. Metallic stone: Make a stone ring or pendant stone only in silver metal.

How much does a green hub cost? 

According to the Amethyst gemstones Professional Value Guide. In March 2014, the cost of interconnects ranged from $ 7.00 to $ 70.00, depending on the weight and the corrosion rate. In general, the darker the color, the higher the value.

Which color is the most important?

The gemstone is a purple quartz mineral and is the most famous and valuable type of gem. The quartz also contains other gems such as citrine, rose quartz, and smarty quartz. The color of the joints is most often caused by iron impurities, although it can also color the natural light.

How much amethyst per kg? 

Price increases for big purchases from the mine can vary from $ 10 / kg to $ 100 + / kg depending on the class.

Is dark contact more important? 

The inner color is the most important, especially the purple color rich with rose petals. Lit or light color or with dark or dark purple areas is not very important.

Do crystals have a contact value?

Connection value. The value of the connection depends almost on the color. As the gemstone is already available in large quantities. Its value per rust increases, not exponentially. With such large boulders, there is no reason to pay a high price for a deduction with a visible breach or a lower deduction.

Can you use a toothbrush every day?

There are many other reasons why purple quartz stone is not suitable for everyday use. Instead, wear your lace on Saturday as this will avoid the bad effects on Saturday. The best time of the day is at night. However, if that is your birth, go ahead and wear it every day!!!


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