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Why does Lapis lazuli Gemstone know as Guardian of Wisdom?

May 2020 | vijay rai

Lapis lazuli Gemstone

Lapis lazuli is a stone with a stone wall that has been claimed between us since the Ancient of Days. This is a dark grey hidden gem that works well in the shade or darker. It is a symbolic stone of intelligence and truth. Most have been obtained from Afghanistan but are located in the United States and Russia. Blue, green, or blue lazuli layers with complex mineral mixtures. It is also called lazurite in Badakhshan, Afghanistan. It is widely used to make stitches, rings, loops, and hooks. Lazuli coat is famous for its imperial blue which is the most expensive blue stone. The best lazuli color comes from Afghanistan (Middle East), better known as Afghanistan's blue replacement. In Afghanistan, several partitions of the mosque are adorned with stone. The Argentine lazuli pencil is also of high caliber. Various types of light blue in the Soviet Union in the past and in Chile Lapis lazuli of the United States are dark blue. The Canadian example is light blue. At the point where you come in contact with the high-frequency Lapis lazuli rock. It will help illuminate other lights by letting you get inside yourself. Boost your true resolve and your unique struggles as you shake the strength of the Lapis lazuli gemstone, otherwise known as the "Guardian of Wisdom". This is a difficult task for gems, but the strength of the simple yet extraordinary Lapis lazuli gemstone is very convincing in arousing the spirit and natural ability and inner knowledge. Once you understand the effect of the magnificent blue color. You can interact to a deeper level with the meaning of the Lapis lazuli gemstone. This dark blue shadow is associated with articulation and self-reflection, giving Lapis lazuli the key to its power to ease illumination and other transformations. During the Renaissance, blue was considered a sacred blue. This is why the Lapis lazuli stone became powder and was used to paint the Virgin Mary and other famous artists. In extraordinary churches throughout Europe. The lazuli pencil structure includes calcite veins and yellow metal pyrite gems. The cost of pencil lazuli can be controlled with the usual blue color, with or without calcite and pyrite ornaments. Lazuli pencils tend to have calcite gems that have gemstone/pyrite gems and are much more expensive. Lazuli is made of colored sodality, colored jasper, and glue with copper inclusions. A copy of this pencil lazuli is also made by Pierre Gilson in France and is like the usual lazuli pencil synthesis.



The most important mineral components of crayon lazuli are lazurite (25% to 40%), feldspathoidal silicate mineral with (Na, Ca) 8 (AlSiO4) 6 (S, SO4, Cl) 1-2 (S) SO4) Cl. Most pencil lazuli contains calcite (white), sodality (blue), and pyrite (metallic yellow). Some examples of lazuli pencils include augite, diopside, enstatite, mica, hauynite, hornblende, nose, and sulfur-rich geyserite löllingite.

Lapis lazuli usually occurs in crystalline marble due to their contact with nature.


Source: -

Lapis lazuli is located in the limestone valley of the Kokcha River in Badakhshan province, northeast Afghanistan. Where the Sar-e-Sang mine has been operating for more than 6,000 years. Afghanistan was a source of plywood for the civilian settlements of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, such as Greece and later Rome. The ancient Egyptians obtained material by converting the Aryans. At the height of the Indus Valley civilization in 2000 BC, Harappan State, now known as Shortugai, was built near a pencil quarry.

As revealed by Sorbonne miner Pierre Bariand, who was doing lacquer with a pencil now, and referring to Afghanistan's blue treasure. Lapis lazuli (2011) by Lailee McNair Bakhtiar, the pencil in the "cave" is generally unseen "mines" and river lazuli pencils. That comes from the wells of the Hindu Kush mountains in the Kochka river valley and not in Pakistan.


Although there is a shop in Afghanistan, the pencil is also manufactured in the Andes. Also, in the west of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, to the Lazurite Tultui store. It is extracted in simpler amounts in Angola, Argentina, Burma, Pakistan, Canada, Italy, India, and in the United States in California and Colorado.


Lapis lazuli Gemstone

Uses and substitutes:-

The pencil has a very clean look and can consist of gems, statues, boxes, mosaics, jewelry, small statues, and containers. During the Renaissance, pencils were ground and manipulated to create colors overseas for use in wall paintings and oil paintings. Its use as a color in oil painting ended in the middle of the 19th century. When it was acquired by some indistinguishable manufacturers. Pencils are a great stone for civil servants, writers, and analysts, the knowledge and ability to make decisions around the world. It assists scientific research with archaeologists and students of history, critical thinking for legal consultants, and creates new attitudes for creators and essays.


Lapis lazuli is a well-known gem for initiating superior thinking and enhancing learning skills. This stimulates the desire for information, truth, and understanding and helps pave the way for learning. It's great for improving your memory.


On the basis of truth, Lapis strengthens the soul's trustworthiness and the words spoken and arranged. Applies to all types of letters inside. Besides, it is a stone of friendship and a bond of agreement. The pencil series brings a warm and engaging letter home with young people or children suffering from Asperger's disease, chemical imbalance, or lack of ability to concentrate on continuous dissemination.


To distinguish between imaginary or related fields, use or send Lazuli Layers during testing. In a work environment, you need constant promotion, success, and acceptance in your field.



Lapis-lazuli or pencil is a convertible old blue color that is used as a precious semi-precious stone with a balance of outstanding colors. Lazuli pebbles are disturbed by the vibrations of truth and affirmation. This is a rare rare stone to open the third eye and anesthesia the pineal organ. Learn about the importance and use of bluestone. This is an important stone to use as it is said to relieve irritation and negative muscles, such as facilitation. The excitement that causes itchiness. These stones are appreciated as a relic, as they are one of the sweetest blue gemstones for sale. The bluer the stone, the more it is appreciated. They abuse your master's power or inner sovereignty and are a particular stone of mental health. These gems also help organize the personalities of your men and women. The power of this blue gemstone can stimulate the development of natural, leading, and enchanting abilities. And even help you interact with the blessed messenger. These precious stones limit the promotion of visionary wakaf, making it a popular rock. Lazuli pencils are usually made of extraordinary gemstones, and this beautiful blue stone is one of the most captivated gemstones you have ever used. Wearing this bluestone will balance your inner identity with your outer self. Also, It will help you adjust to aspects of a woman's personality.


Cause: -

Pencil extraction occurred in Badakhshan province, northeast Afghanistan, in 7000 BC. The pencils are used for making blobs, small decorative objects, and small models. They have been found in Neolithic archeological destinations since 3000 BC in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


Benefits: -

An insurance stone that can be used to prepare for a visible attack, Lapis lazuli releases pressure, bringing in deep unity. This brings with it a great deal of information and information about the inner identity. Allow reflection, allow for self-articulation, and open internal reality. Which provides character quality, reliability, empathy, and ethical quality. Purpose, clarity, and support for innovation. Lazuli helps to stand up and talk about one's truth and drive certainty. It connects relationships, supports the articulation of feelings and emotions.


Lazuli coating supports the skeletal, cleansing, blood-carrying, cooling, and soothing areas of the deteriorating area. This reduces sleep and dizziness and wins. Lapis lazuli benefits from respiratory and throat systems, vocal and thyroid channels, cleansing organs, bone marrow, and thymus.


Value: -

A lazuli pencil is not a gem, but the fine material is rare. The lower test can be sold for less than $ 1 per carat, while the main ingredients cost between $ 100 and $ 150 / ct. or more detail.

1. Why are lazuli pencils so expensive?

Lapis lazuli is not gems, but fine materials are not uncommon. This gem is appreciated around the world for its beautiful dark blue color with bright spots. Far away, the blue sky remains the image of sovereignty and honor, of divine beings and powers, souls, and visions.

2. Where did you find the lazuli pencil, are all things considered?

Although the lazuli pencil is a minefield in Afghanistan, its movement is in America - as far north as Canada and southern Chile and Argentina. In the United States, most stores are located in California and Colorado.

3. How strong is the pencil?

The pencil has Mohs hardness of about 5, which makes it ideal for use with rings, arm fasteners, or jewelry - especially if the highest stone point is raised to the highest point or to the highest telescope.

4. Where should I buy a natural pencil?

Be wary of the same number of sellers selling low-quality Lapis lazuli stones at a higher price. Therefore, when you purchase a Lapis lazuli gemstone online, you will be guaranteed to ask the seller to obtain a lab statement from the lab that is known for your results (note: there are also fake labs!). You can test your tested stone for manufacturing, medical and starting points.


Sellers must also have an undeniable deduction strategy and their ideals are very close (large organizations may be very careful about their image and avoid unreliable practices).


You can buy the Original Lazuli pencil online at where access to the Original Lazulis Pencil is available at affordable prices and at the best quality. We value your trust more than others and then provide a free laboratory statement that guarantees that your Lazuli gemstone is 100% feature. In addition, you can pay money as we offer free shipping of our goods worldwide. We also have friendly repairs and refunds.

What is the best alternative to the Lazuli pencil? 

The precious stone Lapis lazuli lacks this special quality and consideration.

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