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Why should you wear Moonstone Bead Bracelet?

May 2020 | vijay rai

Moonstone Bead Bracelet

Moonstone (Chandrakant) is an incredible stone that brings tranquility and energy balance. It symbolizes the silence and the higher consciousness. Blue, in particular, makes it interesting to make gems. Moonstone is a private birthplace in June and is a zodiac stone for cancer. It is very useful for artists, specialists, essays, and arranger writers and is known to stimulate imagination and promote synchronization with nature and atmosphere.

Moonstone Bead


Moonstone is a variety of opalescent orchids, with a light blue or white, not the name of the moon. This is achieved by the light effect of the internal structure, which is composed of layers of albite exchange and feldspar orchids. The thin albite layer gives a brilliant blue; the thicker layer produces a white "schiller". Large size stone with exceptional quality.


Moonstone cabochon is used for decorative production. The blue moon is perpendicular to the rock and the effect of bright light is considered to be very useful. To be the best prophet, they must have no clear judgment. The rock of Sri Lanka is considered the most prophetic. Diamonds for nature, equality, and priority, Moonstone helps to confront our feminine side. Moonstone is a revolutionary land that can mean many things with different effects. It is a set of diamonds, birthstones, precious stones, sacred gems, unusual jewelry, and wedding gifts.


Rough Moonstone:-

With its refined or beautiful look, it's no wonder Moonstone is laden with myths and other dynamic lives. In the ancient world from east to west, these precious stones will fall from the sky and the glittering mystical floors show intense examination. Moonstone's inexplicable interaction with the moon itself has made her noted for her strengths such as women; for example, nature, innovation, endurance, and unmatched love. The various minerals that go into the production of gemstones have a profound effect on gemstones to gemstones. Moonstones Star and Cat's Eye are rare cases, and Rainbow Moonstone is actually Labradorite, so its strength is very sweet. One of the most difficult approaches to distinguish the effects of deep moons is reflection. White Moonstone brings the moon to its most beautiful point, stimulating understanding and sensation. Orange Moonstone increases, reduces stress, nerves, and transports karma. The yellow moon will give you a clear dream and a peaceful night's sleep. Blue Moonstone can help you manage your heart problems and find other cults in your life.


As should be obvious, they have a quiet quality of appeal and everyone can ease the pain.


Known as the rock of change, Rainbow Moonstone is truly Labradorite. And it will be of great help to those experiencing life changes, either by decision or circumstance. Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect work environment for gemstones, promoting correspondence, collaboration, and the task at hand. It is a very positive stone, which brings joy to our daily routine.


At the top of the pile are Cat Eyes and the Moon Star which should have superhuman qualities to the normal Moonstoneabilities - superpowers! They will help you understand yourself and focus on what is most important to your life.



Moonstone is a variety of mineral feldspar orchids. During development, orthoclase and albite are separated by layer changes. When light falls between thin layers, it diffuses to produce a surprising adularescence. Adularescence is a light that looks like a diamond. Rock for "beginners", Moonstone is a stone of development and quality. It minimizes energy instability and stress, and balances emotions give softness. Moonstone's rise is instinctive, nurturing motivations, successes. And its lucrative interests in love and business. Named as the moon, like the thin moon, Moonstone is a feldspar mineral that radiates fine, waterless, and brilliant white reflections that glow like lines above the light as the light changes. light. Moonstone has been used in gemstones for centuries, including in ancient civilian settlements. The Romans cherished the moon because they believed it would come from the constant light of the moon. Roman and Greek monuments are associated with their spiritual gods. Later in history, the lunar month became known during the Art Nouveau period. French carpenter René Lalique and many others have made huge quantities of precious stone using this stone. The most famous monthly rock is the mineral orthoclase adularia feldspar. Named after the first mining site near Mr. Modular in Switzerland, the city of St. Mayththard. Strong fixation of plagioclase + /- oligoclase or potassium feldspar also produces a sample of moon rocks.



From time to time, we discuss the best way to use gems for non-life and other medical benefits. While in reality, we do not consider ourselves experts in this regard. We do have information and experience.

Moonstone Bead Bracelet


The easiest approach to using gemstones to enhance well-being and physical well-being is to use it as jewelry. In a perfect world as close as possible to the Chakra point of view. . .


Another great strategy is to put a stone in your pocket or purse as a simple touchstone to keep you entertained or entertained during the day. If you want to contemplate, for now, hold the stone in the palm of your hand or you can relax and relax with a set of gemstones at a certain chakra point. Moonstone develops empathy and compassion. It motivates us to harness our instincts and increase our mystical ability and our excessive visions. The natural and natural intensity of women's life is triggered by the moon. ... The calm and tranquil atmosphere of moonlight also adds to the illusion, restructuring, and treatment of insurance. Like most fortune tellers, the Moonstone gemstone must be worn on the thumb of the right hand. What time and at what time should the red gemstone be used? For a good prophetic effect, you should wear Moonstone on Monday mornings between 5 am and 7 am on Shukla Paksha. This mysterious gem is associated with the Moon, the leader of the planet Cancer. The Moon is said to be able to maintain the Moon, and the most remarkable time to use it is in the full moon.


Moonstone is known for capturing wealth and helping to predict the future.

It strengthens your instincts and increases your motivation.

Besides, it is designed to achieve worship and business achievements.

Likewise, considered a moving stone, it will provide certainty on the beach and at sea.


Moonstones are also used by doctors to stimulate the functioning of the pineal organ and to balance the hormone formation cycle.

Moonstone Bead Bracelets


This semi-precious stone is considered useful for advertising materials, especially in the music and composition industries.


Clarity and Cut 

Gemstones can generally be classified as one of three types of lakes with intra-species classification. Dirty gems do not allow light to enter, even if you hold a light source. Transparent gemstones allow light to be reflected. So you cannot deny that it can be seen through rocks. Straight stones allow light to pass through, so you don't have to look at articles or read words to the contrary.


In fact, the Moon Stone can be described as translucent to medium and medium, it is more important. These mixtures can interfere with the effects of gemstone modularity, so they are less efficient. The trademark of the Moonstone merger known as Millipede is apparently one of many pets.


The moon is a continuous piece in the oval and oval bow or cabochon as it best reflects the shiny splint. Adularescence is generally anchored in such a way that the builder must inspect the stone to determine the direction of cutting and cleaning the moon.


Quality:- Adularescence should, in a perfect world, be blue. The finesse must be focused on the highest point of the cabochon and must be easily followed by the various edges that can be heard. If the measurement of stone for a month can only be seen on a limited inspection, its value decreases. Moonstones come in a variety of body colors.


The special, legal moon is medium and semi-straight, with light blue tones along the rocks.

Moonstone depicts the spectacular, rich, and brilliant shade of the game, also known as modularity. Which makes the rock move from the back to the front.

The stones must be without clear internal judgment. Which simplifies the company's vision and values.


A normal Moonstone must have a lust like glass.

Sri Lanka's moonlight shines in a low-light blue, while samples from India show light and shadowless transactions on a dark, green, orange, or dark beige base.


Moonstone found:-

Moon rocks can be found in their ancient sources, Sri Lanka, like its neighboring India which is the main supplier of Rainbow Moonstone. This gem is also used in Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, parts of Europe and the United States. The most interesting blue moon is still a dove in the mountains of southwestern Sri Lanka. Nearby governments and conventions have unified this charming island to save regular accommodation, as many have predicted.


Material is stored at the base and mines are found by hand and removed by coconut trees. The raw material is brought to the surface using ropes and boxes, washed and repaired on the days when it is considered lucky or professional by the stars and cleaned with arches.

Moonstone Price List



all weights

$1.30 - 15/ct

Cat's Eye Moonstone

all weights

$3 - 50/ct

Rainbow Moonstone

all weights

$5 - 60/ct

Star Moonstone

all weights

$2 - 30/ct


The cost of shaded gemstones is determined in three or four components depending on the type of gemstone. Shadow is the most important factor, at the moment of clarity, the size of the stone, and how to cut it. Unusual moons in different gems of light are the most important shiny values, such as liquids or using the logical term, "adularescence". When it was built, Moonstone had a certain brightness that allowed us to move into the shadows.


Moonstone comes in many colors but is the most sought after, and in this case, the rare blue that glides on the surface of the gemstone. After blue, the longest white color occurs after the actual moon appears. The yellow, orange, darker, red, and darker models simulate one's taste not for its brightness and brightness, but for its sake.


Suffice it to say that damage is just as important as today's shadow, the perfect Moonstone casing will have a velvety surface, electric blue light, and unexplained accuracy that truly reflects this quality. In the darkness of darkness, one can penetrate the Moonstone's magic no matter how wonderful the imagination.


Most of the Moonstone is cut into a fine cube called a cabochon because it will feature fine silk blocks on the outside of the gemstone. They are generally cut into very high curves or soaked because they give the stone a chance to show its appearance.


The last part to determine the cost of Moonstone is size. Remembering everything in the imagination, identity, and pieces is so much better than it says! Good dimensions of rust are usually found in the 1 to the 5-carat range but will find a fast train that works even if, in reality, this is not unusual.



1. What's good for Moonstone?

A "new beginning" stone, Moonstone is a stone of growth and inner strength. It alleviates emotional instability and stress, and it relieves emotions, gives you peace. Moonstone enhances intuition, promoting inspiration, success, and luck in love and business.

2. Is Moonstone expensive? 

Moonstone is rarely available in large size and quality, but Indian material with strong body color is very cheap and very cheap. This is fortunate because the material is generally cut and attractive. Blue moon rocks, the most important species, rarely appear larger than 15-20 carats.


3. Is Moonstone really a gem?

Moonstone is a native gem, a member of the Feldspar family which also includes Labradorite and Sunstone, as well as Rainbow Moonstone and Amazonite. Moonstone is composed of two minerals --- orthoclase and albite --- that form layers formed in stone.


4. Where did Moonstone come from?

Moonstone is located in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India. Various colors come only from India and other sources produce white months.

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