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Moissanite is a diamond originally found in meteor craters. So literally a stone room. Moissanite looks like a diamond.

Shape - Round zipper cut
Carat weight - 1.0 to 3.5 carats
Moissanite type: Synthetic
Moissanite color: blue
Moissanite Shape: Round Glossy Cut
Moissanite Luster: Super, Super
Moissanite quality: attractive appearance, perfect finish, great luster

Payment: regional customers can pay by bank/cash. International customers can only pay via Paypal / Bank.

Additional Services: Moissanite manufacturing based on size, color, shape and custom jewelry Decades experience in the jewelry industry> Exports to over 25 countries> Global PayPal certified sellers

About Moissanite: -Cost - The cost of Moissanite is approximately 1/10 the price of a natural diamond.

Appearance - Moissanite is very close to diamonds and even some jewelry
Unable to distinguish without the help of different tests.
Clarity - Moissanite is inseparable from various Clarity markers such as natural diamonds because each stone must meet specified specifications before being distributed to jewelry and end-users.
The specification of Moissanite determined is comparable to that of natural diamonds, rated by vvs1 to si1 on the diamond clarity scale.
Hardness - Moissanite is almost as hard as a natural diamond due to its hardness of 9.25 in Moh.
Moissanite has a slightly higher refractive index (luster) and a much wider diffusion (flame) than natural diamonds.

Our Fiery Handissed Colorless Moissanite can be placed on any jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding dresses, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, personalized jewelry, anniversary gifts or jewelry of your choice

Our Moissanite will retain its shine and clarity throughout Life Like a Diamond. Moissanites are the only better alternative to affordable, low-cost diamonds and also bear the closest resemblance and reflect more luster than diamonds. Even experts cannot tell our Moissanite from Diamonds
Each Moissanite is cut and polished using the same expensive process used for diamonds and all of our cutting and polishing artists have many years of experience and expertise in cutting and polishing natural gems. So you can expect the best quality Moissanite cut and polish from us
To guarantee a lower price, we do not include a moissanite certificate, but if you are interested in getting a certificate, we can issue it and it will be from an internationally renowned lab at an additional cost requested.

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For manufactured and custom orders it may take 7-12 business days to complete.

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How To Measure Ring Ring Size At Home


Worried about how you’ll get the measurements? Don’t panic just yet. There are several methods you can use to know how to measure ring size.

Ring sizing chart DIY ( )


To measure with a string, you will need the following:

  • String/Floss
  • Ruler
  • Pen/Marker

How to measure:

  • Cut a string that is about 6 inches long.
  • Fold the string around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle.
  • Mark where the string ends with the pen.
  • Place the measured string on the ruler with the area marked on your right.
  • The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of the ring in millimeters.
  • Use the ring size chart above to translate the measurements into a ring size.


To measure the ring size using a strip of paper, you will need the following:

  • A strip of paper
  • Ruler
  • Pen/marker

How to measure:

  • Cut a thin strip of paper about 100 millimeters long.
  • Fold the thin strip of paper around the finger at the base and close enough to your knuckle.
  • Mark the area where the two ends of the paper strip meet.
  • Use the ruler to measure the length in millimeters to give you the circumference.
  • Convert the measurement to the appropriate ring size, using the ring size chart above.


To measure the ring size using a ring that fits, you will need the following:

  • A ring at home that fits the finger that will wear the engagement ring
  • Ruler

How to measure:

  • Measure the internal diameter of the ring (that’s the hole inside the ring, excluding the metal).
  • Write down this measurement in MM, and use the conversion chart above to find your ring size. 

If you are buying loose diamond and want to know the carat weight and sizing details please check this diamond sizing chart at our website . the chart contains all popular shapes and their size in mm with their carat weight.  Click Here 

If you are buying loose Moissanite and want to know the carat weight and sizing details please check this Mossianite sizing chart at our website . the chart contains all popular shapes and their size in mm with their carat weight. Click Here



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